Phone scam rife on the Roseland… beware!

11.06.11: Two Roseland residents have reported to Roseland Online about a phone scam in action throughout the region. It manifests as so:

You will recieve a call asking you to confirm you have a computer in the house and that someone has recently has an error on MSN (Microsoft) – something we have all had. The caller then says they are calling to help resolve the issue for you and asks you to go to your computer and visit a webpage to download a programme to help resolve your issue. Do not be fooled by this! The programme they ask you to instal is a key monitoring programme that will leave your computer vulnerable. If you have been victim of this, remove the software immidiately. For extra help, please do email us (address below) and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue for you.

There is no way an unpaid ‘support’ will ring you. Calls of this nature sound very convinicing (even I was taken in by their mild mannered calm), but this is plainly a scam being run from an Indian callcentre. If in doubt, ask them to give you your name. If you have purchased a support package, they will have all your detials and should know your name, address and computer type. If they cannot answer these easy questions, they are likely to be scamming you.

We are here to help if you do have further problems or are worried about having installed something. Email and I’ll do what I can to help.

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  1. The first thing to notice is that there will be a long gap once you pick up the phone. Once you hear a voice, either: tell them to go away (at this point choose your words depending on your state of mind!) or, if you have time, and fancy a bit of fun, let them talk you through all of the actions needed and then tell them you can’t find what they are looking for because you have an Apple MAC.


    Unfortunately telling them to take your phone number off their system doesn’t work & they are not subject to OFCOM regulations.

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