June 2012

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in the Millennium Rooms, St Mawes on Monday 11th June 2012. The Meeting commenced at 7pm.

Councillors Present:
The Chairman Cllr. A. K. Warren, Cllrs. R. G. Baylis, J. Benney, A. M. Chart, B. Chenoweth, G. Chenoweth, P. Farmiloe, R.E. Giles, P. J. Salter, and P. Teague

Also present:
S. Penhaligon (Clerk), S. Batkin & T. van der Wolde (Assistant Clerk) and 3 members of the public

1. To accept apologies for absence Cllr. C Williams, Cornwall Cllr. German

2. a) Declaration of Interest: – None
b) Of gifts to the value of more than £25. – None

3. Open Period – Public Participation –
Mr. Walker voiced his concern about the increase on the precept, which he calculated as 93%, and asked for an explanation of the reasoning behind the increase and the services provided. Cllr. Baylis responded as Chairman of the Finance Committee and offered to talk with Mr. Walker at greater length to give a more detailed response to Mr. Walker’s concerns.

Mr. Shaw explained the background to the planning application to rebuild the ancillary building at his property which is in a state of disrepair. The proposal is for a new building in keeping with the location and surroundings. Mr. Shaw has consulted with neighbours and the planning authority and is happy to provide the Council with any additional information concerning the proposal.

4. Confirmation of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 14th May 2012
The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands,that the previously circulated minutes be approved and they were duly signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda – for report only

Archive matters – outstanding matters
a) Registration of the Permissive Path to Recreation Ground with the Land Registry – ongoing

b) Notice board in Polvarth Road – ongoing

c) Upgrade of street lighting to Cornwall Council standards
The Clerk reported that she has received documentation confirming the completion of the work to bring the street lighting to the standard required by Cornwall Council and the Council is now in a position to finalise the handover of this service to Cornwall Council.

6. Report from the Clerk
The Diamond Jubilee celebrations were a great success due to the efforts of the committee and everyone involved on the day. The Council acknowledged that this had been an outstanding community event and the Chairman asked the Clerk to send a letter of thanks on behalf of the Council to all concerned. The Recreation Committee has expressed their thanks to the Council for the funding of the new play equipment that has recently been installed. May Gurney have completed the repairs to the water pipe at the entrance to the car par and made good the road surface. The Clerk is investigating a request from Mr. D. Hubbard regarding street names in St Just in Roseland.
7. Report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
The Clerk read out the report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary: Twelve calls have been made to the police and three crimes investigated. Thefts of heating oil continue to cause concern and people are urged to ensure oil tanks are secure and report suspicious activity to the Police.

8. Report from Cornwall Councillor
Cornwall Cllr. German sent his apologies for the meeting. Information from Cornwall Cllr. German concerning the transfer of public conveniences from Cornwall Council was considered later in the meeting.

9. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committee

Cllr. Williams – Heritage Group
Cllr. Williams asked the Clerk, in her absence, to thank the Council for the use of the Millennium Rooms for the exhibition during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Cllr. Baylis – St Mawes School Board of Governors
Cllr. Baylis is to attend a briefing for governors to feedback on the school’s excellent Ofsted report.

Cllr. Warren – Roseland Cluster Meeting
Cllr. Warren summarised the recent meeting attended by five of the Roseland parishes during which there were early discussions about the possibility of developing a Roseland wide Neighbourhood Plan for areas of shared interests. A similar discussion was also held at the AGM of the Friends of Pendower Beach.

Cllr. Chart and Cllr. G. Chenoweth – St Mawes Co-partnership
Cllr. Chart reported that all properties were occupied and there is a good financial position.

AGENDA ITEMS – for discussion/decisions
10. Accounts and Finance
a) To approve the payments of accounts (Appendix 1 amended)
The Council was asked to approve the following payments:

Total cheques numbered 5667 to 5688 for approval and signature at the meeting £  43,612.35
Total cheques numbered 5657to 5666 paid since last meeting for ratification £   5,559.25
Direct Debits/Standing Orders shown as paid in May £   1,864.74
Income shown as received during April £ 23,952.11

The Clerk advised that she was seeking clarification concerning an invoice and had withdrawn 5669, £568.80 from the schedule of payments. Approval of the payments of accounts, taking into account the amendment notified by the Clerk, proposed by Cllr. G. Chenoweth and seconded by Cllr. Teague All in favour. The Council RESOLVED to approve payments of accounts.

b) To approve the Annual Return for the year 31st March 2012 and associated documents for submission to the Audit Commission
Cllr. Baylis noted the amendment of the total value of fixed assets to £400,942 and proposed that the annual return went forward to the external auditors. Seconded by Cllr. Salter. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

c) To consider the Audit Commission’s consultation on the appointment of Grant Thornton UK LLP to audit the annual return for the five years from 2012/13
The Council noted correspondence from the Audit Commission advising that the contract for audit for the next five years has been awarded to Thornton (UK) LLP .
11. Planning

a) To consider the meetings of the Planning Committee held in the period 15th May to 5th June .
No meetings held in the period 15th March to 5th June.

b) The Council considered the following planning applications:

1. 03744 10 Pedn Moran Alterations to existing dormer window.
Following discussions of the proposal to use zinc for the covering for the roof of the lean which can be summarised as
House is of an arts and craft appearance, typical of this area of St Mawes.
Advice received confirms that a range of size slates that can be used.
Zinc is not appropriate for this style of building; the building cited by the case officer is a modern design.
Cllr. Salter proposed objection on the grounds that the material is out of keeping with the character of the property. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. 9 in favour and 1 against. Resolved by the Council

5. 03210 Angarrick House 4 Chapel Close. Repositioning of existing roof velux and additional rooflights / velux. Cllrs. G. Chenoweth, Teague, Warren. No objections.

6. 04778 1 St Austell Row. Proposed decking. Cllrs Farmiloe, Giles and Salter. No objections

7. 04858 Little House, Windmill Hill. Replacement rear extension with balcony above. Following discussions of how the plans submitted for this application had addressed the concerns raised in the previous withdrawn application Cllr. Salter proposed no objection. Seconded by Cllr. Farmiloe. 1 against and 2 abstentions. RESOLVED by the Council.

c) To note the decisions of the Planning Authority –

PA12/01281 Pre app Rear of Rising Sun Hotel – Notification of installation of telecommunications equipment modular cabinet. Closed – advice given/application submitted

PA12/ 02575 Polvean Freshwater Lane. Amendment to design previously approved. PA11/04986. Approved

PA12/03743 Lowena Erection of porch annexe. Approved

PA12/03966 Lowena Stone facing of existing boundary hedge adjoining highway. Approved

d) Enforcements

EN12/01303 Woodpeckers Freshwater Lane Alleged Non-Compliance with approved plans – PA13/1567/08/R – Air Source Pump installed. Case closed, Breach now ceased.

EN12/00914 Opposite 31 Lower Castle Road. Alleged hard standing has been created to the front of the dwelling house without planning permission. Pending consideration.

EN12/01355 Little House. Alleged building works to the interior of the property. Pending consideration.

EN 12/01482 16 Polvarth Estate. Alleged non-compliance with approved plans. PA11/06649. No timber cladding to the exterior. Pending consideration.

EN12/01564 Pasco’s Boatyard Alleged florist business operating from Pasco’s Boatyard.

e) To note planning correspondence received. – None received.
12. Millennium Rooms Management Committee
The Millennium Rooms Management Committee has not met since the previous Parish Council meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for the 27th June.

a) To further consider proposals on the change to office space
Cllr. Salter is investigating the cost of proposals for the change of office space for consideration at the next meeting.

b) To further consider proposals on information boards
Cllr. Williams has been in contact with Mr. G. Rust regarding the design of the information boards and costs will be taken to the next meeting of the MRMC. A small group will be set up to take the work forward.

The Clerk reported that Cllr. Chart has kindly arranged an assessment of the Millenniun Rooms for the installation of a hearing loop.

13. Car Park

a) To consider monthly income

Pay & Display

Pay & Display


Permits Cumulative



















May 2011 comparable with May 2012








The Council noted the Car Park income for the month of May.

14. Public Conveniences

a) To further consider the future financing of St Just Church Public Conveniences
The Chairman asked that this matter be discussed at the next meeting

b) To consider the future financing of the cleansing costs of St Mawes Public Conveniences
The Chairman asked that this matter be discussed at the next meeting

The Chairman instructed the Clerk to write to Cornwall Council expressing the Council’s disappointment and dissatisfaction with the lack of communication concerning this matter which caused the discussion to be adjourned to the next meeting.

15. Changes to Precedents
a) To formally adopt the Financial Regulations amendments approved at the meeting of the 14th May 2012
The Chairman signed the document adopted at the meeting of the 14th May 2012.

b) To formally adopt the Standing Orders amendments approved at the meeting of the 14th May 2012
The Chairman signed the document adopted at the meeting of the 14th May 2012.

16. Procedures for Parish Council meetings
To formally adopt the Procedures for Parish Council meetings approved at the meeting of the 14th May 2012
The Chairman signed the document adopted at the meeting of the 14th May 2012.

17. Code of Conduct for Parish Councils
To consider the National Association of Local Council’s draft template Code of Conduct for Parish Councils dated 17th May 2012
A discussion took place about the lack of clarity and guidance concerning the revised Code of Conduct and the requirement to have a document in place by the time the current code becomes obsolete. Cllr. Salter proposed adopting the “Cornwall Council Code of Conduct for Parish and Town Councils” as it stands from the 1st July 2012, with the understanding that the document might need to be amended once further information and guidance becomes clear. Seconded by Cllr. Chart. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

18. Truro and Roseland Community Network
To nominate representatives for the Truro and Roseland Community Network
Following discussion of the merit of this meeting and a request for a representative to come forward Cllr Warren proposed that a representative attends this meeting on a floating (as available) basis. Seconded by Cllr. G. Chenoweth. 9 in favour and 1 abstension. RESOLVED by the Council.
Cllr. B. Chenoweth kindly agreed to go to the next meeting on the 24th July.

19. Busking in St Mawes Village
To consider issues raised regarding busking in St Mawes
The Clerk reported that local residents have written to her stating that despite following the guidance supplied from Cornwall Council there has been no relief from the music being played by the busker. The Council noted the correspondence and confirmed that the Clerk has acted appropriately by signposting parishioners to the correct department in Cornwall Council, no further action can be taken by the Parish Council.

20. Pipe from Place View to the car park
To consider permanent repairs to the water
The pipe was originally installed by South West Water but has been maintained on an “as needs” basis by the Parish Council. Cllr Warren proposed that the Clerk write to South West Water asking them to maintain the pipe in a fit and proper manner and explain that local repairs are being made for which the Council can take no responsibility. Seconded by Cllr. Salter. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

21. Correspondence (information only). There were no matters arising.

22 Staffing Matters

a) To consider a report from the Personnel Committee
No matters to report
Date of next meeting: To be held on Monday 2nd July in the Millennium Rooms St Mawes at 7:00pm.

Items for the next agenda –
Public Convenience review
Larkfied Rise – responsibility of Housing Association for decoration
2013 Elections – Community Engagement

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:10 pm



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