Friends of Pendower Beach

Pendower Beach: developing more appropriate alternatives

Who are we?
“Friends of Pendower Beach” is a recently formed charitable association whose members share a love of Pendower Beach and its surrounding Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Whether they live locally on Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula, or have enjoyed its pleasures from further afield, this iconic beach always makes a profound impression on those who visit it.

Why has the association been formed?
There has been considerable disquiet about the design and scale of the latest development proposals put forward for the site of the old Pendower Beach Hotel (known locally as the pink hotel). The site has been derelict for three years. Following two one day consultation meetings in Philleigh and Veryan, the owner of the site declared in the West Briton that there was considerable support for his latest proposals. This statement is at odds with our experience of those meetings and our wider soundings in the local community and elsewhere. The association has been formed to provide a voice for those who feel the current plans are not appropriate for this very sensitive and much loved site.

How are we approaching the problem?
We do not wish simply to oppose the current plans. We want to enable the local community to work with other interested organisations to bring our combined creativity and experience to bear on what is by any standards a challenging design brief. We aim to build a wider consensus on what feels “appropriate” for this outstanding location, whilst recognising the legitimate commercial concerns of the owner. The goal is to come up with an imaginative but sensitive solution of which all of us, including the owner, can feel proud.

What will we do to achieve this goal?
· We will publicise our intentions and seek support
· We will raise money
· We will invite individuals and organisations who might be able to contribute relevant experience and expertise to join us and work with us

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