Philleigh Folk

Philleigh Folk Club, which meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the Roseland Inn, Philleigh, has a warm and intimate venue, knowledgeable and friendly ‘regulars’ and is everything a good folk club should be. Local floor singers and a resident ‘warm up’ band encourage audience ‘singalongs’ and provide an environment for first timers to stand up and ‘have a go’.  The Roseland Inn even offers club ‘special meals’ for anyone wanting a meal before meetings which usually start at 7.30pm

But although Philleigh Folk may be small in most respects, and certainly it is in comparison with similar folk clubs up country, it manages to draw in some of the very best professional and semi-professional singers and entertainers as ‘guest artists’ every month. New acts are inevitably impressed with the warm welcome they receive and organiser Greg Williams is now in the enviable position of having many of the most popular entertainers contact him with offers of return visits.

If you like live music with a folksy twist, Philleigh Folk Club is worth a visit. Most evenings cost £7 per head with some £8 or £9 where visiting acts expenses are higher.

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