Portloe, East and West Portholland

Portloe, East and West Portholland

portloeJust off the Roseland Peninsula is the picturesque village of Portloe. A village described by Sir John Betjeman as “One of the least spoilt and most impressive of Cornish fishing villages.”

Its name derives from the Cornish Porth Logh, which means “cove pool” and it grew to become a busy fishing port in the 17th and 18th centuries. Unfortunately today that has mostly died with less than a handful of fishingboats still working from the harbour and these mainly for crab and lobster.

Films such as “Forever England”, Disney’s “Treasure Island” and Channel 4’s “The Camomile Lawn” were located in Portloe, the latter being filmed at nearly Broom Parc House and its beautiful scenery and setting continues to be an attractive proposition for many filmmakers.

There is a hotel, pub and tiny post office and at the church it is possible to get a cream tea in holiday season.

Just a short drive East is the quiet villages of East and West Portholland – but remember to take some supplies if you go for a day on the beaches; their post office only opens once a week for a couple of hours! However, on the way over you will pass the lovely Caerhey’s Castle, designed by John Nash at the start of the 19th century, where there are the Gardens and grounds with the magnificent camellias and rhododendrons for which the estate is world famous and the National Magnolia Collection which has a home there.

There is also a stunning beach, too, where, in the summer, you can get all you want at a cafe and shop.

But if you’ve got lots of time to spare, the South West coastal path walk is stunning, capturing some of the best views the path has to offer.

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