Ruan Lanihorne & Ruanhighlanes

Ruan Lanihorne & Ruanhighlanes

The creek at Ruan Lanihorne is a bird lover’s paradise, providing a haven for waders and waterfowl, and the gentle hills and leafy lanes surrounding it are a joy for walking enthusiasts and explorers. There is plenty of surrounding woodland and the views out across the creek are breathtaking.

‘Ruan’ refers to St Ruan or Rumon, patron saint of the local church. This partially wooded and mainly agricultural parish is on the banks of the River Fal, which connects to the sea via Carrick Roads. In medieval times, the local lord of the manor built a castle to guard the river crossing, but there is little trace of it remaining today.

In the 19th century, silt was unloaded to make bricks at Trelonk but today it is a quiet residential village. The other surrounding villages are Ruan High Lanes and Treworga.

The parish church was dedicated to St Rumon in 1321 and was restored in 1866. The entrances are a south porch and a north door; over the outer arch or the former is the date 1669. The tower is of one stage and contains two bells.

Apart from the church and churchyard, the village has a thriving pub and a delightful reading room.

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