St Just & St Mawes Heritage Group

St Just & St Mawes Heritage Group

The heritage group was set up in November 2007 and although we have been unable to find suitable premises to date, we’ve collected many old photographs and our annual exhibitions in the Millennium rooms, St Mawes as part of the Roseland Festival are well attended and very popular.

We shall be staging many more in the coming years, so watch out for news of them on our Facebook Page.

All photographs and ‘memories’ posted on our website ( are for your enjoyment, however, if you find a discrepancy in any of the details on the site, please do let us know.

You can support the group by becoming a member of our Friends Group at the great price of £5.00 per year. This entitles you to free entry to the opening night of our Exhibitions and reduced entry to our film nights. You will also receive a newsletter keeping you up to date with all our recent news. To join, please contact Alan January on 01326 270381.

In the mean time, take a walk along old streets, view old buildings and maybe even discover some familiar faces. And if you have some historical photos yourself that you’d be willing to share, then email us with them and we’ll be glad to post them for everyone’s benefit.

Alternatively, maybe you have an old recollection or memory you’d like to share about St Mawes’ or St Just’s bygone era? Or you remember an old story that you recall hearing? If so, we’d be glad to include that in our ‘memories’ section.

Please follow this link to see the many photos and information we have online, email us if you have any input or suggestions,, or join us on our Facebook page by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Hi, I am descended from George Trevarthen (b.1784). Father: Daniel Trevarthen, mother: Charity James (b.1750.)

    Charity James’s family goes back at St Just Roseland to Robert James (b.1551) via George James (b.1726), Thomas James (b.1700), Thomas James (b.1664), Abel James (b.1633), and aforementioned Robert.

    I also trace back via Priscilla Paddy to George Paddy and Mary Fittock, then to Daniel Fittock and Jane Symons, and then to Richard Symons who married Catherine Jago (b.1687), and then to William Jago (b. 1646) and then to Robert Jago.

    I don’t know if any surviving residents in St Just are also descended from any of these families?

  • Hi. I am researching my family tree, and my Great Grandparents and associated family were born and lived their lives in St Mawes. All that I can discover so far, in the relevant Censuses, are the house numbers that they lived in but no street names, eg 165 St Mawes. Are there any historical street maps of St Mawes, and is it possible to obtain a copy, or if not, is there anywhere in that area where I can visit to gain that info when I am next in the area.

    • Would love to know if you have had any success with your search. I have the same problem in identifying dwellings, I wondered if the houses were leased or freehold.
      Good luck.

  • Susan and William
    Rice Lowry was older brother of my GGGrandfather Henry Lowry. Rice was christened in 1808, died 1874. He remained single and for much of his adult life lived with his mother Priscilla Lowry (née Rice) in St Mawes. But in 1841 Priscilla was with another son, William, in Fowey. Priscilla died 1864; by 1871 Rice was in Truro workhouse. Odd, given the relative prosperity of his brothers such as William in Fowey and my Henry (master mariner in London).

  • Hello
    My brother lives in St Just and as I have an interest in genealogy I thought it would be interesting to find stories of those buried in the church there…one was William Nancarrow b 1799 St Just and buried there 1850 – he moved to St Mawes with his family as a boatman and was drowned in an accident 2 April 1850….witness was a Rice Lowry who was a carpenter – possibly a passenger on his boat? I am always interested in the social background and wonder if you can suggest sources/books where I can find more about boatmen’s lives then and if there was a local newspaper which might have carried a report – and if so where to access.
    Thank you fot any advice you are able to give

    • I can’t add much at all, except to say that Rice Lowry was living with my wife’s ancestors in 1841:
      St Mawes, St. Just in Roseland, Cornwall
      George Bickford, 35, pilot, Cornwall
      Matilda Bickford, 30, Cornwall
      John Bickford, 9, Cornwall
      George Bickford, 7, Cornwall
      Nicholas Bickford, 5, Cornwall
      Matilda Bickford, 1, Cornwall
      Rice Lowry, 30, Carpenter, Cornwall.
      George, head of family, drowned in 1842. Contact me on if you wish.

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