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Roseland Surgeries Patient Group

The ROSELAND SURGERIES formed a Patient Group (RSPG) in October 2011. The RSPG Committee of volunteers meets monthly and works closely with the practice staff.  It is a means by which patients can communicate their views about health-related issues through a neutral body to the Doctors and Practice Staff.

The RSPG has decided to promote well-being across the Roseland as the main focus of its activities.  There is a programme of events and workshops that anyone registered with the practice is entitled to attend.  Currently these include – painting, singing, crafts and walking events.  They are funded in the main by Community grants.  The details of the events are posted in the Surgeries and also at Roseland Online.  The RSPG is a registered charity and is financially independent of the practice.  The registered number is EW01758. If you want to make donations /bequests to support our work you can do this through Gift Aid so we can reclaim tax from the Government to make your money go further.

If you would like to be involved but don’t have the time to attend meetings then there is also a virtual Patients Group where you can sign up and receive copies of the RSPG Minutes or information about our activities directly to your inbox and where you can also give us feedback. Our vRSPG address is

We welcome new ideas and help to run or assist with an activity.  If you can spare a little time and want to make a difference in our community please contact Fiona at the surgery on 01872 580345 or email the current Chairman –

Committee (2013)

Keith Brown, Neil Bullen, Cynthia Calton, Sally Evans, Julian German, Nigel Hudson, Simone Kennett, Jo Shaw, Rebecca Thomas, Terese Tubman,




Now it will soon be September, when we re-start our programme of community activities on offer to anyone who is registered with the Practice.  RSPG walks in St Mawes, Portscatho and Tregony – have been booked to get some gentle exercise plus an opportunity to chinwag.  Why not try a walk in all 3 locations?  Dates in the Diary.

The Painting Group will also continue at the Gerrans Memorial Hall fortnightly from the 4th September at 1:30.  If you missed the first opportunity to try acrylic paints, don’t be put off – come along and give it a go.  Guidance and support will be available, plus tea and biscuits!  You don’t need to bring any equipment – just you!

Now the new bits……we are going to try both a crafts and a singing afternoon to see if there is interest in turning these ideas into regular events.  On the 12th September there will be a crafts taster afternoon at the Harbour Club, Portscatho at 1:30 where there will be a number of crafts for you to try – knitting, sewing, weaving, felting, card-making to name a few. This is just an introductory session –to discover if people are interested in continuing meeting for the winter  and it is an opportunity for you to drop in and tell us of any ideas you have for our programme.  With Christmas looming,  why not produce something yourself as a special card or a personal present for someone?  Rumour has it that you could knit a cupcake!!  We would also like to know if there is interest in a Book Club.

The second taster session is on the 25th September in the United Church, Portscatho at 1:30 come along and exercise your lungs!  This isn’t a choir, just five folk who love singing and are giving up some time to share their passion with other people. You can expect a range of traditional and modern songs to sing  – no solos, no tests – just some fun!  It will be uplifting as singing always is!  We provide the music and the accompanist, you make the noise!  The acoustics in the Church are great – that is why we are using it – and because it is another super community resource since its refurbishment.

These events are taking place in Portscatho as we have been allowed free use of both of the premises. If the crafts taster becomes a course, you will need to join the Harbour Club at £5 per annum.  This will give you access to many of the other brilliant activities organised by the Club  that you can read about elsewhere on this website.  Our RSPG classes are usually free of charge although you may be asked for a voluntary contribution for tea and biscuit costs.  We are also hoping to arrange transport for anyone from elsewhere in the practice who might find it difficult to attend.  Please contact Sally Evans if you need picking up.  01326  279228  We may hire the Community bus if there is a regular need.

The Roseland Surgeries Patients Group has no hidden agenda – just a desire to provide opportunities for folk to get together and have some fun throughout the long, darker months of winter.  Even if you aren’t sure that you want to take part, you could come along  – tea and coffee makers always welcome!  Phone Simone on 01872 580282 if you’d like to chat about the RSPG or the events programme.


The Roseland Surgeries Patients’ Group  TimeBank

We have been discussing the possibility of setting up a TimeBank for the Roseland.  This is a scheme that encourages people to use their skills to help each other out – it is the sort of things that friends and neighbours do all the time!  But what if you are new to the area, living alone or just don’t feel you could ask for a favour? – this might be just the scheme for you.

The idea of a TimeBank is to “bank” the amount of time taken to do a job with a central organisation based in the Community , which can then be swapped for another job. The skills most commonly swapped include car washing, baking, computer skills, ironing, dog walking, babysitting, learning a language, cooking, cleaning, sewing, music lessons and general Do-It-Yourself.

It is a fantastic way of swapping what you like doing, for what you hate doing – we all know it is easier to ask for help from someone if you are able to return the favour in some way. It is also a good way of meeting new people.

Skill swaps are free of charge but if a swap incurred a cost – such as the ingredients for baking a cake then you would be asked to pay. You don’t have to do things for a TimeBank on a particular day or time – your contribution can be made to fit around your regular commitments.  TimeBank credits can be earned by anyone – young people or pensioners – everyone has some skill they can offer.

To make it work, the RSPPG would set up a broker – a person or persons in a small team, who via a computer database would match people who can give something,  with other people who have a need for that “thing”.  You wouldn’t need a Computer to take part – you can phone in your offer or need.  Anyone who volunteers would be asked to provide a personal reference and in the case of working with vulnerable people would need to be CRB checked.  This would be handled for you by the organisation Volunteer Cornwall.

If anyone in the Roseland would like to become involved in running or joining this scheme please contact Simone Kennett on 01872 581801or leave a message at your local Surgery.

Walking for Fun!  Anyone/everyone welcome for a gentle potter and chat – around about an hour!  Well-behaved dogs welcome!  No special equipment needed.

Painting for Fun!

Do you fancy having a go at painting?  It can be a rewarding, relaxing and sociable hobby.  Come along to a free taster art session run by your RSPPG at the Memorial Hall Portscatho – come for the morning or the afternoon or both!  There will be someone there to help you get started – no need to bring anything except yourself.  (Although if you have old brushes, pots and paints that would be helpful) Open to any resident of the Roseland – bring a friend.  It is absolutely free and that includes the tea and coffee!  To reserve a place, please phone your Surgery and leave your name.

Here are the dates for all our events in 2013:




April 17th Memorial Hall, Portscatho 1:30 to 4:30 Painting for Fun, Portscatho
April 19th Fisherman’s Shelter at 11.00 Walking in Company  Portscatho
April 23rd Millennium Rooms at 10.30 Walking in Company , St Mawes,
May 1st Memorial Hall, Portscatho 1:30 to 4:30 Painting for Fun, Portscatho
May 1st King’s Arms at 2.00 Walking in Company  , Tregony
May 3rd Fisherman’s Shelter at 11.00 Walking in Company  Portscatho
May 7th Millennium Rooms at 10.30 Walking in Company , St Mawes,
May 15th Memorial Hall, Portscatho 1:30 to 4:30 Painting for Fun, Portscatho
May 17th Fisherman’s Shelter at 11.00 Walking in Company  Portscatho
May 21st Millennium Rooms at 10.30 Walking in Company , St Mawes,
May 29th Memorial Hall, Portscatho 1:30 to 4:30 Painting for Fun, Portscatho
May 31st Fisherman’s Shelter at 11.00 Walking in Company  Portscatho
June 4th Millennium Rooms at 10.30 Walking in Company , St Mawes,
June 5th King’s Arms at 2.00 Walking in Company  , Tregony
June 12th Memorial Hall, Portscatho 1:30 to 4:30 Painting for Fun, Portscatho
June 14th Fisherman’s Shelter at 11.00 Walking in Company  Portscatho
June 18th Millennium Rooms at 10.30 Walking in Company , St Mawes,
June 26th Memorial Hall, Portscatho 1:30 to 4:30 Final Painting for Fun, Portscatho until September

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