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2 Comments on “Community

  1. I discovered St Mawes over 40 years ago and was enchanted by its idyllic and peaceful setting. For the last 15 years my wife and I have been coming regularly for 2 or 3 weeks a year because of its peaceand quiet despite a reasonable number of day visitors. Like many small cornish places, its peaceful serenity is what is attractive for those who do not like the more bustling, busy touristy seaside towns.
    Imagine our dismay then when one Saturday evening we were subjected by the Idle Rocks hotel to dj music until well into the night accompanied by raucos and drunken revellers. We were a good half mile away and could hear it clearly. I hate to think what others who staying a lot closer were thinking.
    How did the Idle Rocks hotel get a licence from the local council to enable them to turn St Mawes into a Newquay nightclub? Are other St Mawes tourist businesses prepared to let this hotel ruin the character of this location for which it is known. Wake up St Mawes and start objecting, unless you want to destroy the very thing that makes this town so attractive to its regular visitors.

    1. I am writing from St Just in Roseland Parish Council which also covers st Mawes. So sorry that your your stay was spoiled by the noise. Would you mind giving me a call? It would be useful to know the date and times of the disturbance and any other info you can provide.
      Barbara Sadler 01872 580038.

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