St Just

St Just

On the road between Portscatho and St Mawes lies the lovely village of St Just. Without doubt its most famous landmark is the St Just in Roseland church, which is world renowned and arguably Cornwall’s most photographed church.

Set in sub-tropical gardens this stunning 13th century church set above the tidal creek of the Percuil River has a rambling churchyard which slopes down steeply from the road. It has a varied array of plants; many species rare to England.

The path from the road to the Church is lined with granite blocks that are carved with Bible quotations and verses. Because of the steep slope, as you stand at the lych-gate on the road, and look down to the Church, you find you are looking down on the Church Tower.

The church has a long history, reputed to have been founded by St. Anthony in the 6th century on a spot said to have been visited by tin merchant, Joseph of Arimathea and his nephew… Jesus!

Down at St Just Bar in the creek is a boatyard and tea rooms, open during the summer season, as well as a flower shop. Apart from that, the small village is mainly a walkers’ and visitors paradise or a drive-through to the King Harry ferry.

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