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U3A Roseland and District
Registered Charity No. 1128425

About us

We are one of over 700 independent local associations in the UK known as Universities of the Third Age, more commonly called U3As, together serving more than 200,000 members.
Our aims and activities are based on enriching lives through experiences, not formal qualifications — we don’t offer any.
That might be as part of a study group, learning arts, craft, language or technology skills, or simply interacting with other likeminded people in leisure or social pursuits.
The most important thing is for members to enjoy whatever it is they take part in.

Run by members, for members

One of the U3A traditions is that we are a ‘self-help’ organisation.
Interest groups are formed whenever enough people want to participate and one of them is willing to share their own skills or knowledge to act as leader.
As members of the national Third Age Trust, we also have access to their wealth of resources and experience to support our own groups.

Where we operate

Activities take place in many of the villages in and around the Roseland Peninsula, held in local halls, members’ homes, or further afield, depending on what we are doing.

Who can join us?

Absolutely anyone who has the time and desire to follow and develop their own interests.
Since our group meetings and other sessions take place during the day, most members are no longer working full time, but we have no upper or lower age limits.

For more information and details of the current programme of activities please visit the U3A Roseland and District:

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