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Vintage Tractors Plough Fresh Furrows

image003New life and purpose has been restored to a vintage farm tractor that once might have been left for the scrap heap. SCC resident, Johan Balslev, who, with his partner Deborah, retired from farming some five years ago and moved Gerrans, has lovingly renovated two tractors back to full working order and has subsequently found plenty of work for them in the area.

Johan told Roseland Online, “I used to work on Allis Chalmers’ tractors when I started farming at the age of thirteen, back in my home country of Denmark.”

Since its restoration (aided by Roseland Farmers, Derek Julyan from Treworthal and Nick Harris from Treworlas, who helped with the fuel pump, mudguards, seats and general problem solving), Johan’s first labour of love has been doing a great service working the land near Ruan.

His second project, a Danish Bukh which Johan had specially imported from his native Denmark, is currently on its first job ploughing fields owned by local farmer, Will Taffinder.

Johan added, “When I saw this dilapidated Bukh up for sale in Denmark, I couldn’t help but buy it and have it shipped over to the Roseland so I could restore it back to working life. Old tractors like these are still worthy of a place in modern farming because their size suits the working of smaller fields like those of Cornwall.”

Once this latest job is done, both the Bukh and Allis Chalmers tractors will be making an appearance at Fraddon Show at the end of March, and several other shows around Cornwall throughout the year.

Words and Pictures: Sarah Vandome


  • Dear Johan,
    This is a great achievement and testimony to your hard work and commitment to bring Danish technology to Cornwall! If you ever want to exhibit down here in south-west France you and Deborah would be most welcome, but it would be a long drive on the Bukh. Nigel & Judith

  • Dear Johan,
    good to see what is possible when a real handyman is at work. Hope to see you and the tractors (and of course Deborah) life in summer. Greetings from Germany, Detlef

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