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Attention 13 – 16 Year Olds: Cornish Summer Camp

Cornwall flagA fun packed 10 day Summer Camp is planned for July 2016.

This offer is for young people from Cornwall, giving them a unique opportunity to explore and celebrate their shared Celtic language and culture alongside young people visiting from Brittany.

The event will have great trips out, loads of great food and a chance to meet and spend time with some other great young people. There will only be a £50 contribution required towards the whole cost of the 10 days.

In Cornwall we share much of our Celtic identity with our cousins in Brittany, the Bretons, and in the spirit of understanding and this project is designed to share our beautiful land with our Breton cousins and learn about our common bonds. There may be an opportunity for a return visit to Brittany in 2017.

Breton flagCouncillor Julian German told RoselandOnline, “The project will run from 14th July to 23rd July under the auspices of Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek from Cornwall and the Breton youth organisation UPABAR. We will be spending those days camping in Tehidy Country Park where we will have a full programme of visits and activities around Cornwall to show our Celtic cousins from Brittany but also for Cornish young people to learn alongside them.

“These visits and activities will help young people learn all about Cornwall and Brittany and share exciting experiences such as forest schools, local food (including sharing our secret pasty recipes!), campfire evenings, coastal walks and more. More than that though, most of all, we want our young people to have great fun and have an experience they will remember through their lives.

“This project offers our young people the chance to grow through fun activities, great visits. Young people are our future and will inherit our world, with all of our help they will be ready to do so.”

You can find a poster and application form here.  A pre-application day will take place in Newquay on Saturday 9 April.  Closing date for applications is 31 March 2016.

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