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Book Review – December 2013 – Sallie Eden

Joey in Cornwall by Jean Rolt

Published as an eBook, available via Smashwords, November 2013

joeyincornwallA novella length book based on the legend of Jesus’ visit to the Roseland, the story aims to fill in the gap between his birth and adulthood. What did he do? Where did he live? How did he become the person we read about in the bible?

Drawing on reports of visits to the area by Celtic Saints, stories from and of local churches and the history of tin mining and metalwork in the area, Jean weaves a clever and innovative tale of interest to readers who enjoy local history and, of course, it’s of particular appeal to Christians.

As Jean writes “Whatever you take away from this little book, it is written in prayer and good faith….it is a work of imagination and … reflects the peace and holiness found here.”

An unusual read. I enjoyed it; it was original, just the right length and well imagined.

Jean’s book is now available on Amazon by clicking here.

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