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Book Review – February 2015 – Sallie Eden

GeniusMy Dog Thinks I’m a Genius by Harriet Ziefert. Illustrated by Barroux – Published by Blue Apple Books (20 Oct. 2011)

Louie the dog enjoys watching his young owner paint. He particularly likes the self-portrait his owner produces and decides to have a go himself.

The author was inspired by one of Cezanne’s classic works. Has Louie got the same level of artistic talent? Well, he’s got an eye for colour and he’s certainly enthusiastic!

An amusing and affectionate little book, wonderfully colourful illustrations (including the self-portrait “My Dog Thinks I’m a Genius”), with simple guidance about how to build up your picture. A great ending too.

I’m not an expert but I’d guess this is best suited to children (and dogs) in the age range 3 to 6 whose painting activities might need to be closely supervised afterwards!

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