Book Reviews – December 2022 – Sallie Eden

This month I’ve reviewed two Christmas themed books but, if you’re looking for books to give as gifts, here are two recommendations (books written by local authors and previously reviewed on this site)
‘The Mango Hand’ by Nigel Milliner: surprising and surprisingly different. Topical and very moving. 
‘Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite’ by Liam Mulvin: a wonderfully gentle meander through his daily life as the local postie. A great stress reliever, so ideal for Christmas. 

Afraid of the Christmas Lights: an anthology of crime stories

* All profits to Domestic abuse and domestic violence charities 
With short stories by high profile authors including Sophie Hannah and Mark Billingham, a foreword by Val McDermid, and profits going to good causes, this book had a head start in the potential ratings.
From tense, psychological crimes with revenge at their core to quiet, long planned murders, there’s something for everyone who likes crime fiction. Yes, some are overly violent but, as with all anthologies, if you don’t like one story there’s another a few pages ahead.
It might have Christmas in the title and most of the authors have managed to put the festive season at the heart of their contributions, but I wouldn’t really suggest it as an ideal escape from the enforced jollity of a family gathering (unless, of course, you’ve got murder on your mind), but it’s a good selection of well written, contrasting stories, some of which will haunt you for a long time.
Remember, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
* A follow up to ‘Afraid of the Light’ published during the pandemic, in support of The Samaritans 


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