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Book Reviews – July 2022 – Sallie Eden

Things We Never Say by Sheila O’Flanagan

Published in paperback by Headline Review, 2021
This is a work of fiction which begins with the story of Dilly, giving birth 55 years ago in one of the infamous, and all too real, Magdalene Laundries. The story quickly moves forward to the present day and to Abbey, living in California. 
What is the link between them and where do the Fitzpatricks come into it? 
With a large helping of predictability and clichés, this book comes into a category of what I’d call “books to read on the beach”, not especially taxing or original, but pleasant enough. 
Abbey’s boyfriend walks out on her, she doesn’t enjoy her day job but Lo! a handsome Irish lawyer knocks at the door with some very surprising news. 
Enter stage left, the Fitzpatrick family: Donald, unpleasant, status conscious and greedy, Gareth, financially naive and in debt, Suzanne, estranged and living in Spain. 
I won’t give away the plot but I will say there were a couple of surprises, even if they were slightly unlikely. 
I suppose if I’d enjoyed the book a little more, I’d say it was “grand”. 

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