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Friends With Money

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack & Frances McDormand, directed by Nicole Holofcener

Desperate for a relationship of some worth, Olivia is a pot-smoking housecleaner and her friends – who have to cope with the relatively enviable problems of wealthy discontentment – go about their daily routines, attending benefits, chatting over meals, and doting over ‘needy’ Olivia in their closed circle whilst their own relationships are in various stages of meltdown.

Now this is my kind’a film! Amusing without trying to be ‘funny ha ha’. Really well cast; Joan Cusack is stunning, as are they all in their own way, and the script is tight, poignant and observant. In fact, I didn’t realsie how much I enjoyed it until writing this review!

Verdict: A delightful and engaging film with superb cast and script. *****

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