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Gerrans Meals on Wheels Expanding to Cover the Roseland

Thanks to their wonderful team of volunteers, and to everyone who has donated, the Gerrans Meals on Wheels Service is developing rapidly.
From a standing start two weeks ago, they have now delivered over 100 meals, trained a team of fantastic helpers and raised an amazing £7,500.
Your support means that they now have firm foundations in place and feel confident that we can expand the service to cover the whole of the Roseland and extend the offer to key workers.
Today, as well as deliveries in Portscatho and Gerrans, meals were delivered to Portloe and Veryan. They also sent a box of six meals to a team of nurses and doctors at Treliske, curtesy of Sharon Tuby. The very talented Pippa and Lucy Alford (aged 10) prepared a very special handmade message of thanks to all the NHS team at RCHT to go with the meals.
They are now preparing to ramp up to deliver around 1,300 meals by the end of May. They are also beginning to think about how we continue to run this service longer term. Whilst restrictions may be relaxed a little in the coming weeks, it is likely they need to shield many in our community for many months to come. So fundraising efforts will continue at a pace.
If you can donate and support the service please click below:

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