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Gerrans Parish Council Minutes – December 2014

Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the Meeting of Gerrans Parish Council

                                           held on Tuesday 2nd December 2014                                        

  in the Memorial Hall Annexe

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 6th January 2015 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe


Cllrs Case, German, Hatwood, Hetherington, Iddison, Meek, Morse, Taffinder ( Chairman); S Skull (Clerk)

4 members of the public attended.



The Chairman read out a statement in respect of the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 reminding those in attendance and participating in the meeting that they were liable to be filmed, recorded, photographed or otherwise recorded.




CC J German; Cllrs Symons and Greenslade




Cllr German declared a non registerable interest in the discussion of the proposed relocation of Portscatho Post Office (item 15 on the agenda) in that he owned the suggested relocation site for many years.

Cllr Hetherington declared a non registerable interest in the discussion of the possible siting of a bus shelter at Trewithian (item 17 on the agenda) in that he lives there and his daughter takes the school bus.

Cllr Taffinder declared a non registerable interest in item 8 on the agenda addressing Code of Conduct breaches in that her own case was to be discussed.


Mr Malcolm Tozer expressed his congratulations to the PC and to Roseland Online for the organisation and publicisation of the public open meeting on November 25th at which the proposed relocation of Portscatho Post Office was discussed. He said the turnout had been impressive.

Mr Jon Smith, Chairman of the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan (RNDP) Steering Group (SG), presented an update on the progress of the Plan. He said the SG was on track to submit the Plan to Cornwall Council the following week. The clerk had been given hard copies of the document to distribute to Councillors.

A member of the public said she had attended the meeting of Cornwall Council where Falmouth schoolboy Leon Remphry presented a petition and spoke on the importance of public libraries, and remarked that his address was impressive and well received.

She also expressed her appreciation of the efforts made by Tom Symons, the PC’s contractor for street cleaning and litter. She said the general appearance of the village had been much improved.

Mr Steve Hooper said of the proposed relocation of the Post Office that two main points arose out of the public meeting. One was the practical problem of the internal layout of Ralph’s Stores and its effect on confidentiality, etc, and the other was the failure of Post Office Ltd to produce any plan of how they expect the layout to be changed.



The Council accepted the draft minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 4th November 2014 as being a true record, subject to the correction of a typographical error. The Chairman signed the minutes.



There were no matters arising which would not be discussed in subsequent agenda items.




The clerk reported he had received an apology from Cornwall Council for the lack of response on either a revised lease at New Road car park or information about the possibility of acquiring the freehold, and a promise that these matters would be progressed.

He had also received news from Cormac Ltd that the survey of the parish parking restrictions was now expected to be completed by December 5th, with a preliminary indication of the likely costs of remedying the situation to be made available before Christmas.




Cllr Taffinder left the room whilst this item was discussed, and Cllr Hetherington took the chair.

The clerk reported that Cornwall Council had investigated a complaint against Cllr Symons and had notified him on 16th October that a breach of the Code of Conduct had been found and a sanction imposed. The sanction was that Cllr Symons was to undergo training on the Code of Conduct.

The clerk further reported that he had been notified on 13th May 2013 that a breach of the Code had been found following a complaint against Cllr Taffinder. Again the sanction was that Cllr Taffinder was to attend training on the Code of Conduct. He said he was announcing this now because at the time, due to inexperience, he had been unaware that the PC had to discuss the matter formally once Cornwall Council had made their decision.

Both Councillors had now completed the training required.

After discussion, Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Case) that the matter should be recorded in the minutes but no further sanction should be imposed by the PC. This was carried unanimously, and Cllr Hatwood added that all Councillors should take stock individually and be more vigilant in the future in this regard, which was generally agreed.




Cllr Taffinder returned to the room and resumed the chair at this point.


The PC had received 1 new application. This is outlined below and comments are noted in the Planning Register.

Application Description PC decision
PA14/10313 New entrance from highway for residential barn at Higher Tregassa, New Road Unanimous support



PA14/09882 (PC: support)   – Approved


Nothing to report





Cllr German reported that the site plan for the lease at Portscatho public conveniences had still not been agreed between two departments at Cornwall Council.

Cllr Hetherington said there was a meeting of the Network Community Panel being held on the same evening. He said he would enquire whether other Councils’ experience as regards out-of-date parking restrictions had been discussed at that meeting.



Councillors discussed which assets might be suitable for listing as community assets. The clerk was asked to minute the following suggestions and include this as an agenda item in January: Action clerk.

  1. Church Close open space land
  2. The field on Treloan lane formerly used as a football field
  3. The Allotments
  4. The Heritage Centre
  5. The Memorial Hall
  6. Portscatho and Percuil public conveniences
  7. All three public car parks
  8. Land owned by Cornwall Council on The Lugger
  9. The cricket field.




The clerk reported the lease on the land had been signed by Cllr Taffinder and himself and returned to the solicitor. He also said he had asked Mark O’Brien, the Community Network Manager at Cornwall Council, for information as to how the lodged S106 monies might be accessed.

Cllr Taffinder said the first priority was to ensure the site was safe, and suggested a Committee be set up. Cllrs Hatwood, Meek, Iddison and Case volunteered to be committee members and this was agreed. Cllr Case said he thought the committee members should walk the boundaries of the land to assess conditions.

Cllr Hatwood said there was a “community committee” in existence which has previously carried out a survey to identify local people’s wishes as to the use of the land. He thought the PC, as formal tenants, should redo this in liaison with that committee. Cllr Taffinder said it was important that the PC should lead this process and draw on volunteers as the project took shape.

After discussion it was decided to hold a public meeting similar to the recent meeting to discuss the Post Office relocation at which local people’s views could be aired. The clerk said he would find an available date in late January for a meeting in the Memorial Hall and publicise the event in the January Roseland Magazine. Action clerk.




The clerk said that having monitored the drainage through the recent heavy rains, it was clear that although the drains were having an effect, water was still finding its way to the lowest point, which is the gateway to the footpath below. He said he had arranged a site meeting with the new highways engineer at Cormac to discuss possible further measures.



The clerk reported that he had heard nothing more from Cornwall Council on this, but Cllr German said this was because there had still been no final decisions made.



Cllr German left the room whilst this item was discussed.

The Council discussed the proposed relocation of Portscatho Post Office to Ralph’s Stores in the light of the public meeting held in the Memorial Hall. As a result of the discussion it was resolved to make a formal response to the public consultation which the clerk was asked to draft, circulate by email for approval or amendments, and submit before the closing date. The text of the response can be found at appendix 1. to these minutes.




Cllr German resumed his seat at this point.

In the absence of Cllr Edwards, who is investigating possibilities in this matter, discussion was deferred until the January meeting.



Cllr Hetherington left the room whilst this item was discussed.

Cllr Meek said he had ascertained that the cost of a shelter would be £7,000 and it would have to be constructed in a prescribed style. The use of advertising might considerably reduce the net outlay over time. No planning permission would be required.

Cllr Case said that over the next 7 years there would be at least 4 schoolchildren needing to board the bus at Trewithian.

Cllr Meek said one question was whether it was desirable to have a shelter of the particular prescribed design next to a listed building, and Cllr Iddison said it would not be an appropriate style for an ancient place.

Cllr Meek said he would research the possibilities of the PC building a shelter independently of Cornwall Council and would report back at the next meeting.




Cllr Hetherington resumed his seat at this point.



It was resolved that the outstanding invoices totalling £12,174.91 (including VAT of £1721.87) be paid, with the exception of one invoice from Cormac Solutions Ltd for £6,816.21 plus VAT in respect of works at New Road car park. Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Morse) that £1,000 be withheld from this payment because in his view the rebuilding of the collapsed section of wall was still substandard. Councillors voted by 4 to 3 with one abstention that the clerk should write to Cormac to explain this and to arrange a further site meeting to discuss the matter. Action clerk. A schedule of the other payments is available from the clerk.


The reconciled bank balance as at 25th November was £69, 255.96

PRECEPT FOR 2015/2016

The clerk reported that at the meeting of the Finance Committee on 26th November, it was decided to recommend that the precept for 2015/2016 be set at £19,802. This represents a rise of 2.3{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} on the current year, in line with inflation as measured by the Retail Price Index, and comes after 2 years of no significant increase. He presented draft budget figures on which this calculation was based. Cllr Hetherington proposed (seconded by Cllr Hatwood) that the precept be approved and this was agreed unanimously.




Cllr German said he had heard of a scheme being promoted which involved the planting of trees to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1. He would report back at the next meeting. Cllr German also said that A-Z Maps were compiling a directory of all the Victoria Cross commemorative plaques and paving stones and he had been asked the whereabouts of the paving stone in memory of Gerrans-born Horace Curtis. The clerk said he had heard nothing back from St Newlyn East Parish Council since Gerrans PC agreed to let them site the stone in their parish, where Mr Curtis spent most of his life. He would give Cllr German the necessary contact details. Action clerk

Cllr Hatwood reported there was still rubbish on the waterworks site although some had been cleared. Action clerk to contact South West Water

Cllr Hetherington said there had recently been a collision and a near miss caused by cars speeding through Trewithian. He wondered if 40mph was a sufficient restriction in the village. The clerk was asked to ascertain the criteria for setting speed limits. Action clerk

Cllr Iddison reported the embankment at Fernbank to be severely overgrown. Cllr Taffinder suggested Cllr Symons might be willing to assist with this, and Cllr Iddison said he would help also.

    The meeting closed at 9.35 pm




Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the Meeting of Gerrans Parish Council

                   held on Tuesday 2nd December 2014  




Proposed Relocation of Portscatho Post Office to Ralph’s Stores

Gerrans Parish Council’s response to the public consultation by Post Office Ltd

Submitted by Email on Monday 8th December

Gerrans Parish Council regrets that the Post Office has to be moved at all but accepts that a move to Ralph’s Stores is preferable to losing the facility for any length of time. However the Council has the following concerns over the relocation as at present proposed:

  1. Access.

Separate entrance and exit doors with level access and of sufficient width to accommodate wheelchair users would be required.

  1. Congestion

The shop is currently subject to considerable congestion during holiday periods and the aisles are narrow and often obstructed by boxes and packaging at busy times. This needs serious consideration and potentially a complete redesign of the shop interior. The Council considers it to be a major failing in the consultation process that no plans of a proposed layout have been made available.

  1. Privacy

Placing the two tills side by side, with a queue of shop customers passing by the Post Office till, would compromise the privacy of those conducting Post Office business. The Council would prefer to see a dedicated queuing area for the Post Office till where people could stand back from the person at the counter.


  1. Business banking

The Council is concerned that the current facility for business banking will not be offered at the relocated site, with the effect that trade could be taken out of the village.

  1. Collections and deliveries

Whilst aware that Royal Mail, rather than Post Office Ltd would make the arrangements for collections and deliveries at the sorting office, the Council would request that Post Office Ltd should make an assessment of the likely vehicular obstruction which could be caused if access is to be via the rear of the building.

The Council recognises that the proposed new Postmaster has prior experience in running a dual retail/Post Office outlet, and does not wish to give a completely negative view, but would urge Post Office Ltd to address these concerns, which very much reflect those of the recent public meeting held to discuss the matter, and to give assurances as to the monitoring of ongoing service performance should this relocation go ahead.

(End of response)

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