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Seaside_throne_72dpiIan can trace his love of making furniture back to early childhood. He was always fascinated by anything unusual, interesting or quirky. This early calling, plus a true sense of delight in the form, texture and character of materials is strongly manifest in all of Ian’s work today.

He also has an instinctive desire to use reclaimed timber and found objects where possible… If he’s missing that ‘certain’ piece of wood during construction, he heads off to look through the scrap piles at lumber merchants or reclamation yards. Ian’s first love is to make larger constructions, fanciful garden thrones or folly-like summerhouses, but he’s just as happy making smaller items like cupboards, cabinets and clocks and also happy to make a piece from new wood if preferred.


Ian says: “Central and key to all my furniture is the solid build quality. This appeals both to my natural design inclinations and the basic desire to make something that will really last.

Its not just all about the construction though. I like my pieces to be quirky, fun and decorative but at the same time fully practical and functional, even utilitarian in style.

Vise_cabinet_100_cropI like to think that my furniture could be at home almost anywhere but when I design a new piece I tend to have in my mind a cosy New England cabin or weather worn beach house”.

In addition to the pieces shown here, Ian can replicate or tweak a previous design (please see website) or make something to your requirements and if you only have an initial idea in mind he is very happy to work with you, producing little colour drawings if helpful, to bring your idea to life.

He also has a sketchbook full of designs just waiting to be made! If you live on the Roseland (or even a little further afield) and have a project in mind, you are most welcome to pop round to have a chat in person and see examples of Ian’s work. Alternatively, Ian can come to you.

Ian’s contact details are:
Ian Winton
Tel: 01872 530655

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