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Local Girl With Lyme Disease Needs Help

Tia, who lives in Probus, is 19 years old and a sufferer of chronic Lyme disease.

Having been very ill for four and a half years she paid privately to get her bloods tested in America and on 16th of February 2017 , finally found she is positive for an active infection of Lyme.

Before she became poorly, Tia was a perfectly healthy, active teenager. Then, all of a sudden her life flipped.  She started having serious pain and her mobility slowly deteriorated. Tia has many symptoms that prevent her from living a normal life.  She loved playing netball, doing art and going to dance classes. 

The list of symptoms is staggering and includes abdominal pain, balance problems, brain fog, chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle spasms, weakness, back pain and includes a huge list of painful side effects and now her heart is now struggling to fight the infection so its working really hard all the time.

Despite being on 30 tablets and half a bottle of morphine a day, her pain persists. She has also tried many natural therapies and although these have helped her symptoms,  they have become too costly to continue.

Tia now needs to raise money for her treatment.

Speaking to Roseland Online, Tia said “I just want to thank everyone for just being here for me.  I know it is horrible to watch me in pain and there be nothing you can do but just knowing you are all here for me helps so much!”

Tia has started her own blog, you can also support her by donating here.  You can also watch her moving Youtube video below.


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