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Andy Mullins writes…….

Bobbie and Dave Mitchell, Landlords of The Royal Standard, cooked roast pork, with all the trimmings, for their last Meal on Wheels this last Sunday.

From this week, the team at The Plume of Feathers, under Helen and Roger Cazaly take over until the end of the year.

The Meals on Wheels Service started on 23rd March, as lockdown commenced.  On that day, Bobbie and Dave prepared just five meals as the Service was piloted.  Within a couple of weeks, as word spread, this grew to well over 150 meals a week.  By June, at the peak of demand, they were preparing 240 meals a week for those who needed them.

In total, they have now served some 4,000, nutritious meals for the six parishes across the Roseland.

Bobbie, a Trustee of Gerrans Parish Charity, first suggested the Meals on Wheels service when news about a possible lockdown was first announced around 14th March.  A little over a week later, the service was up and running.

The response from recipients and those who have donated money has been incredible and a real testament to this dedicated and caring couple.

Those that know them both, are not surprised that they rose to the challenge of the pandemic, and did so with such a selfless, community-minded spirit.

To Bobbie and Dave, thank you for everything you have done.  Our community is fortunate to have you, a couple of local heroes.

If you want to say a personal thank you, why not drop in and buy a drink at The Standard as they have now reopened.

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