Local News 2011

Mac the Cat Gone Missing

05.11.11: A distrinctive cat – Mac – has gone missing around the Gerrans and Portscatho area since Sun 30th Oct, He is black with a distinctive white butterfly marking on his nose, one white hind leg, two front white paws, a bit of white on his chest and has a small ‘nick’ in his ear.

Owner Belinda Blight told Roseland Online, “I’ve put up posters in Andy Day’s, The Post Office, Ralphs, the telegraph pole outside the Surgery and on the telegraph pole in Gerrans  past the garage and most of the other places. It is so very unlike him as he’s loves food so he would normally come if I called. I’m worried that he’s shut in someone’s lock-up, garage, shed or even a holiday home because he’s very nosey and shy, but friendly.”

With firework night on this evening, it would be great if everyone could len a hand and contact Belinda if they have seen or heard anything. She can be contacted on: 01872 580106.

We’re delighted to report that Mac the cat has been found in a garage in Porthsawle, albeit dehydrated and very thin. Please remember to check your garages and lockups regularly and, if you’re a second home owner, before you leave a property or garage. Thanks.

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