St Ewe Parish Council

May 2012


Parish Council Meeting
St Ewe Village Hall
Monday 14 May 2012
7.50 pm – 9.10pm

Officers Present:-
Parish Cllrs – Chairman Cllr Will Richards , Cllr Allan Brooks, Cllr Rueben Collins, Cllr Trevor Johns, Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Sam Roberts

Apologies Received:-
Cllr Robin Teverson, Cllr John Dickinson and Cllr Martin Wheeley

In Attendance:-
Rose Hardisty, Clerk

Public Participation:-
0 members of the public in attendance

023/12 Declarations of interests
· Cllrs Will Richards and Janet Locker declared that they are on the St Ewe Village Hall committee in relation to the grant application.
· Cllr Trevor Johns declared he is working on the site at M A Grigg subject to planning application 12/02833.

024/12 Previous Minutes
The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 16 April 2012 having been read were considered a true record and were adopted (proposed AB, seconded JL).

Public Participation


025/12 Councillor Vacancy
John Simmons of Cornwall Council has confirmed that an election has not been requested and therefore the parish council must fill the casual vacancy as soon as possible by co-option. Any parishioner who is interested in becoming a parish councillor should make contact with the clerk as soon as possible. The council noted the above and also that an advert for a new councillor should appear in the next Tower & Spire magazine.

026/12 Code of Conduct Update
The council noted the most recent correspondence and also the updated advice from CALC.

027/12 Planning matters

· Local Council Planning Training Programme 2012/2013
The council noted the training on offer but councillors did not wish to take up any at this time.

· C2/ENF/10/0288 Planning Enforcement Notice
Caravan at Little Polgooth, St Austell, Cornwall (OS 3032)

The council noted that the applicant’s appeal has failed and the enforcement notice issued on 11.03.2011 stands and compliance must take place by 20.07.2012.

· 12/03625 FP s52/s106 and discharge of condition apps
Longfield, Hewas Water, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 7JQ
Discharge of conditions

· 12/02833 FP Installation of wind turbine and associated works – neighbouring parish
Levalsa Meor Farm, London Apprentice, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6DN

The council noted the above two planning decisions.
· 12/02833 FP Proposed cafe, training facilities, office and agricultural storage building
M A Grigg, Pendennis, Lower Sticker, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 7JH

The council considered the planning documents and resolved (proposed RC, seconded AB) to raise NO OBJECTION to the application.

· 12/03871 FP Removal of condition 4 of C2/06/00336 to enable the use of the cooking facilities for the
preparation of food for selling for consumption either on or off the premises
Lobbs Farm Shop, Heligan, St Ewe, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6EN

The council considered the planning documents and resolved (proposed WR, seconded SR) to raise NO OBJECTION to the application.

028/12 Polmassick Flooding
Cllr Janet Lockyerwas able to give an update to the meeting. The Community Flood Recovery Group is still meeting and she attends to represent St Ewe Parish Council. This has been an effective group. The Cornwall Community Flood Forum has now been established and St Ewe Parish Council has confirmed Cllr Lockyer as its representative. The Forum can apply for grant funding and will have a web presence via Cornwall Council. Work on the individual property flood protection has been delayed but is taking place. There have been some issues with some of the products but the companies involved are visiting the affected households to put matters right. Teresa Frost of Highways is working on a non-return valve on the road drain. Early warning systems are being trialled.

029/12 Highways
· Fingerposts
Cllr John Dickinson was unable to attend the meeting but provided an update in an email to the clerk. Cllr Dickinson had a meeting with Richard Beeks, Regional Designer (East) who manages core work and projects such as this. He has been provided with all the locations and copies of the photos of the parish posts and should have by now have visited all the sites. He will put together a scheme to repair/refurbish the posts and provide it to the parish council. A priority for the work was agreed and Richard Beeks will let us know how much of the work is achievable within the budget Cllr Teverson has allocated. He will also be looking into contractors who can remanufacture broken/missing arms. Cllr Dickinson hopes that he will have further information on the project at the next meeting. The council noted the progress made and is grateful to both Cllr Teverson and Cllr Dickinson for their input on the matter.

· Road Closure Notice
The council noted that a formal road closure notice has been received for the Village of St Ewe to enable the St Ewe-bilee tea party to take place. In effect from 1700 to 1930 hours on Saturday 02.06.2012.

· Potholes
The council noted that some of the patching work done on potholes is failing. It was agreed that the clerk should write to Highways outlining the parish councils concerns about the quality of the repair work that is being done.

· No other matters were reported.

030/12 Footpaths
· Dumping of garden waste on public right of way 418/16/1
The clerk reported that she has been in contact with various departments of Cornwall Council about this matter. The Countryside Officer’s department does not want to deal with it, nor do those responsible for the LMP agreement. The Envirocrime Officer is to deal with the matter as technically speaking this is an issue of fly tipping. He is going to write to the suspected offender and possibly other properties in the area making residents aware that the dumping of garden waste on public rights of way is not permitted. The council agreed to keep the matter under review and also that the clerk should highlight these concerns with Jim Davies.

· LMP Agreement for Footpaths 2012/2013
The clerk gave details of the new proposed arrangements. There are some issues about the classification of paths into gold and silver bands and the decisions of the Countryside Officer regarding gold paths that do NOT require cutting. The council discussed the various issues and careful consideration was given how best to proceed with Cornwall Council to ensure that the parish gets the best deal possible in terms of the grant funding available. It is of particular concern that no grant funding at all is to be made available for the most significant gold path in the parish, that running from Heligan down to Heligan Mill and the boundary with Mevagissey parish. It was resolved (proposed WR, seconded RC) to accept the LMP agreement in its current format for the year 2012/2013. It was further agreed that the clerk should write to the Countryside Partnerships Officersetting out the parish’s concerns: (a) that where a gold path is classified as not requiring a cut, zero funding is received (which is less than the basic £40/km funding for all silver paths), and (b) specifically requesting that path 418/17/1 be re-classified as a silver path as it does not appear to meet any gold path criteria. The clerk is also to write to Jim Davies enclosing the necessary paperwork for this season’s LMP agreement. The letter will specify the places on path 418/4/1 where the Countryside Officer has deemed two cuts are necessary.

· Agency Agreement for Grass Cutting 2012/2013
The arrangements have not changed since last year and the parish council has been offered a grant of £707.25. It was resolved (proposed SR, seconded RC) to accept the agreement and agreed that the clerk should return the paperwork to Cornwall Council as soon as possible and liaise with the contractor as appropriate.

· No other matters were reported.

031/12 Fly Tipping
The council noted that the clerk has submitted a letter to Tower & Spire and they have agreed to publish this in the next magazine. It appears from the local press that fly tipping is causing significant problems in other areas too. Cllr Martin Wheeley has laminated some posters for the problem sites and these were distributed so that they could be put up.

032/12 Notice Boards
The clerk advised that an invoice has been received from Lee Price for the Polmassick notice board. The key has now been fixed to the notice board with a chain. There are issues with standing water inside the board and drainage holes still need to be drilled to alleviate this. In addition, the cork tiles are coming away from the back of the board. It was agreed that Lee Price be asked to remedy the cork tile problem and also drill some drainage holes and resolved (proposed SR, seconded WR) that payment of his invoice be made.

033/12 Insurance Renewal
The clerk advised that the renewal documents have been received from AON Ltd. There has been no change in parish circumstances and the cover required remains the same. AON Ltd has not increased the premium this year and therefore the amount due is £396.70. It was resolved (proposed SR, seconded AB) to renew the parish council’s insurance with AON Ltd.

034/12 CALC Renewal
The clerk advised that the renewal documents have been received from the Cornwall Association of Local Councils. The total amount due this year is £174.47. NALC subscription amounts to £23.90, CALC subscription to £137.14 and there is £13.43 VAT (which is reclaimable) on the service charge. It was resolved (proposed JL, seconded WR) to renew membership of CALC and pay the annual subscription.

035/12 Grant Applications
· Churchyard Maintenance Grant
· Village Hall Maintenance Grant
· Tower & Spire towards publishing costs
The clerk reminded councillors of the decision at the November budgeting meeting to award the maintenance grants if possible. Letters have been received from the PCC and Village Hall Committee asking that grants of £500.00 be made. In addition, it was agreed in November that an increased budget be made for Tower & Spire. A letter has been received from St Peter’s PCC requesting a grant in the sum of £200.00. Councillors took the view that no discussion was required as these grants had been anticipated in November and nothing has changed since that time. It was resolved (proposed AB, seconded RC) that these amounts be awarded. It was also agreed that the award of such grants be kept under annual review and specifically that they be considered at the November meeting when the precept request is decided.

036/12 Financial matters
· Approve payments
Payment of any grants detailed above and outstanding invoices received up to the time of the meeting were approved (proposed WR, seconded SR) as detailed below:
Rose Hardisty
Salary – 3 wks @ 4 hrs/wk @ £8.545/hr
Salary – 6 wks @ 5 hrs/wk @ £8.919/hr
Working from home allowance – 6wks @ £4/wk
74 miles at 40p/mile
15.03.2012 – 12 x printer inks
23.04.2012 – 48 x 1st class stamps
Lee Price
Polmassick Notice Board
Insurance Renewal

CALC and NALC Annual subscription
VAT on CALC service charge
St Ewe Village Hall
Annual Grant towards maintenance
St Ewe PCC
Annual Grant towards Churchyard maintenance
St Peter’s PCC
Annual Grant towards publishing costs

· Notice of VAT Reclaim
The council noted that the clerk has prepared and submitted the reclaim documentation for £39.52 VAT paid out in 2011/2012.

· Bi-monthly financial update
The council noted the bi-monthly update and budget review without comment.

037/12 New information posted on Notice Boards
· Minutes of 12.03.2012
(and at and
· Stephen Gilbert MP Surgery Dates
The council noted the information posted on the notice boards.

038/12 St Austell Community Network
The next meeting which was scheduled to take place on Monday 21.05.2012 has now been postponed until Wednesday 13.06.2012 at 7.00pm in the Council Chamber of the Penwinnick Road offices. There was some discussion about whether St Ewe wished to send a representative. It was agreed that Cllr Sam Roberts will attend on behalf of St Ewe Parish Council.

039/12 Consultations
· Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places – closing date 25.05.2012
· Caravan and Campsite proposed harmonised license conditions – closing date 11.06.2012
The council noted receipt of the above consultations but felt no comment was necessary. In relation to the review of polling districts and places the council noted that this resulted in no change for St Ewe parishioners and believed that the proposed provision was adequate.

040/12 Parish Photographs
The council noted that the parish photographs were returned to the clerk on 16.04.2012.

041/12 Any other business
No other business was raised.

042/12 Clerk’s report
The clerk presented a short report listing the magazines and circulars received since the last meeting, which are available for councillors to view should they so wish.

043/12 Date of next meeting
The next scheduled parish council meeting is for Monday 09 July 2012 at 7.00pm. Dates of planning meetings are subject to receipt of planning applications and are arranged as and when required. The date of the next employment committee meeting will be arranged as necessary.

Meeting closed at 9.10pm

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