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Mevagissey Parish Council Minutes – December 2016


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Mevagissey Activity Centre

On Thursday 15 December 2016 at 7pm.


Present              Cllrs. M Roberts (Chairman), J Arthur, J Barron, T Barron, J Daniel, N Florence, J Morgan, G Shephard, J Whatty.


In Attendance      Mr Phil Randall (Board Chair of Cornwall Community Land Trust), Cllr. J Mustoe (CC), P Howson (Clerk),                    19 members of the public.




  1. Apologies were received from Cllrs. K Robinson, A Chesterfield, D Speed, M Facey and H Nathan.

Cllr. T Barron arrived at 7.20pm and Cllr. Mustoe at 7.30pm.


  1. There were no Declarations of Interest or Gifts.


  1. Police Report received from PCSO Carpenter for the period 17/11/16 – 13/12/16 detailing a total of 6 crimes: 3 x burglaries in Portmellon between 4th-5th December whereby money, sunglasses and power tools were taken from insecure premises and vehicles; 2 x common assaults; 1 x theft of stepladders from the Elm Terrace area. Regarding the issue raised at the last meeting of two boys being abusive to staff in the newsagent, the staff have made it clear that they are happy to deal with the problem themselves.  The Chairman, on behalf of the village, expressed thanks to ex-PCSO Tony Hemming and his colleagues for organising the Police Lunch at the Jubilee Hall, and to Jenny from the St Austell Co-op for providing all the ingredients.


  1. Mr Phil Randall, Board Chair of Cornwall Community Land Trust, described the work of the Trust and took questions from Councillors.


  1. Public participation.

Nigel Field, Helen Blamey, Hazel Radford-Snell and Pamela Katsavidas spoke to object to the planning application at item 9b (Tamarisk), and Paul Senior, the developer, spoke in support.

Steve Halstead, Lorraine Bundy, Shirley Sidebottom and Gina Pinnick spoke to object to the pre-planning application at item 9c (Land Off Tregoney Hill).


  1. Proposed by Cllr. Arthur, Seconded by Cllr. Morgan that the minutes of the meeting held on 17 November 2016 be accepted.                                                                         Carried.


  1. To receive the Clerk’s report.
  • Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) will replace Dog Control Orders (DCOs) from 1 April 2017. Existing DCOs will automatically convert to PSPOs.      CC will authorise the continuation of existing enforcement arrangements and will provide new signage. Town and Parish Councils are not empowered to create PSPOs.
  • The Clerk accompanied PCSO Julie Carpenter on a tour of the parish, pointing out the parish boundaries and known areas of concern.
  • HSBC Bank confirmed that the new mandate is in place, bringing the number of authorised signatories back to seven.
  • Notices inviting expressions of interest in providing service management for the Valley Road toilets were placed on the noticeboards, on the Parish Council website and in the Tower & Spire.       No enquiries have been received to date.
  • An update was given on outstanding enforcement cases raised under the ‘untidy sites’ initiative.


The Chairman noted that the Cornwall Planning Partnership have moved to improve feedback on enforcement cases.


  1. To receive Correspondence.
  • Letter from CC Public Protection detailing replacement of Dog Control Orders with Public Space Protection Orders from 01/04/17.
  • Letter from Lloyds Bank replying to the Parish Council’s objection to the local branch closure.
  • Letter from Camborne Town Council thanking those Councils who supported their petition for the freehold transfer of Camborne Recreation Ground.
  • Christmas Card from Steve Double MP.
  • Letter from the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust asking for another donation (£250 was donated in Jan 2016).


Proposed by Cllr. Daniel, Seconded by Cllr.T Barron that a grant of £250 be made to the Air Ambulance Trust.



  1. Planning, Licensing and Planning Enforcement


9a.        PA16/11261 : Erection of a single storey orangery and replacement of existing windows. 7 Polkirt Heights Mevagissey St Austell Cornwall PL26 6TT

Proposed by Cllr. Shephard, Seconded by Cllr. Arthur that the Council would support this application if the window in the conservatory roof was removed from the plans.                                                                                    Carried.


9b.        PA16/11229 : Demolition and replacement of existing dwelling and garage. Tamarisk Penwarne Lane Mevagissey PL26 6PF

Proposed by Cllr. Shephard, Seconded by Cllr. Arthur that the Council is concerned with the quality of the design and its ability to fit in with the existing environment and avoid overlooking existing properties, and therefore asks that the proposal be submitted to the Design Review Panel under Policy 12 of the Cornwall Local Plan.            Carried.


9c.        PA16/03241/PREAPP : Pre application for 26 dwellings with 50{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} being affordable. Land Off Tregoney Hill Tregoney Hill Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6RG

Proposed by Cllr. Arthur, Seconded by Cllr. Florence that the Council would wish to see convincing evidence of the demand for a development on this scale before forming a view.


9d.        PA16/03329/PREAPP : Pre-application advice on replacing an existing garage with new annexe. Pondokie School Hill Mevagissey PL26 6TH.          Noted.


9e.        LI16_008113 : Variation to Late Night Refreshment/Alcohol Licence. Mevagissey Bay Hotel, Polkirt Hill, Mevagissey, St Austell, PL26 6UX

Proposed by Cllr. Daniel, Seconded by Cllr. T Barron that the Council supports the application.              Carried.


9f.         EN16/02118 : Unauthorised creation of new driveway and vehicle access onto Cliff Street. Nikaria Cliff Street Mevagissey St Austell Cornwall PL26 6QW (Planning enforcement case). Case closed with no action taken.


9g.        EN16/02162 : Construction Traffic Management Plan of PA15/03079 (approved at appeal ) in relation to delivery restrictions. Land North Of Moonfleet School Hill Mevagissey Cornwall (Planning enforcement case). Noted.


9h.        The following planning application decisions have been received (included for information only):


PA16/08250 : Replace existing garage with new annexe. Pondokie School Hill Mevagissey.       WITHDRAWN

PA16/09039 : Retention of existing commercial use to ground floor, provision of three flats to first, second and third floors, retention of existing external elevations. The Post Office 3 St Georges Square Mevagissey.       APPROVED

PA16/09040 : Listed building consent. The Post Office 3 St Georges Square Mevagissey.           APPROVED

PA16/08455 : Single storey modern dwelling. Land East Of Valley House And North Of Tregenza Church Lane Mevagissey.                                                                                                                       APPROVED

PA16/09786 : Change of use from A1(retail) to A3, A5 and A1 to continue use as a gift shop and to add use as a cafe and takeaway. The Candy Shop East Wharf Mevagissey PL26 6QQ.                                            APPROVED


  1. To approve the monthly finances.


Bills to Pay Salaries £ 647.17
HMRC (Income Tax & NIC) £ 207.87
Valley Rd. PC October & November cleaning £ 1,825.24
Valley Rd. PC electricity supply 02/10/16-01/12/16 £ 61.66
Valley Rd. PC water charge November 2016 £ 1,061.34
TOTAL £ 3,803.28
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 55,469.70
Expenditure last month £ 1,928.95
Toilet fund contribution £ 200.00 received
Balance (money in bank) £ 53,740.75
Available to spend £ 53,740.75
Bank Statements (01/12/2016):
Current Account £ 866.46
Deposit Account £ 52,874.29
TOTAL £ 53,740.75


Proposed by Cllr. Florence, Seconded by Cllr. Shephard that the accounts be accepted and the bills paid.   Carried.


  1. Cllr Shephard reported that the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group (NDPSG) met on 13 December and will be submitting the Plan to Cornwall Council in February/March 2017.


  1. There was no update from the Affordable Homes Working Group.


  1. Contributions to the operational costs of the Valley Road public toilets from local businesses in 2016 were as follows: Harbour Trading Co. £250, Willow Trading £1,700, Fisherman’s Chippy £200. This comes to 9{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} of the total operational costs and is much appreciated.


  1. Public rescue equipment for Portmellon has been ordered, and Cllrs. Facey and Daniel have met with the landowners to agree signage.


  1. Following general agreement that there was insufficient support for the development of a twinning relationship with La Roche Bernard, Cllr. Whatty agreed to let them know.


  1. It was noted that yellow line parking restrictions needed repainting in places, particularly on Tregoney Hill and in Wesley Court. Cllr. Mustoe will push for this to be done.


  1. Proposed by Cllr. Florence, Seconded by Cllr. Arthur that Cllr. Shephard’s draft response to the government consultation on the post office network should be submitted by the Clerk on behalf of the Council. Carried.


  1. In Cllr. Nathan’s absence, her proposal to form a volunteer group to look after Wesley Court and The Meadow is deferred to the next meeting (but see the Ward Member’s report below).


  1. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Boundary Commission to express the Council’s objection to the proposed creation of a parliamentary constituency which straddles the Cornwall/Devon border.


  1. The Council concluded that there were no feasible improvements to the B3273 junction with Chapel Square.


  1. The Ward Member reported that:
  • The work on the gullies in Polkirt Hill had completed;
  • CC will carry out pointing of paving stones in their area of Wesley Court;
  • Following a residents’ survey, Ocean Housing have provided funding for improvements to their areas in Wesley Court and The Meadow;
  • The new play equipment in Valley Road Park has been signed off and will be formally opened soon;
  • Improvements to play equipment at Pentillie has started;
  • Cormac has trimmed back vegetation alongside the stream in Valley Road Park;
  • The new post box will be installed this month on the cobbled area by Curio Corner;
  • Lloyds Bank has not responded to the petition he had organised, and he will be pursuing this with the MP.
  • Cllr. Mustoe expressed his thanks to all volunteers who were contributing to the success of the Live Advent Calendar, and wished all Councillors a Happy Christmas.


  1. The meeting ended at 9.35pm, with the Chairman wishing a Happy Christmas to all.

Date of next meeting: 19 January 2017.












Signed ……………………………………………………………………………..         Dated ………………………………

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