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Mevagissey Parish Council Minutes – January 2021


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held as a virtual meeting

On Thursday 21 January 2021 at 7pm


Present                   Cllrs. M Roberts (Chairman), M Facey (Vice-Chairman), D Drake, J Gann, C Leiser, J Morgan, H Nathan, G Shephard, J Whatty, A Williams.

In Attendance      Cllr. J Mustoe (Ward Member), P Howson (Clerk to the Council), 2 members of the public.


  1. Apologies for absence had been received from Cllr. Hereward.
  1. There were no Declarations of Interest or Gifts.
  1. Public participation.

Melanie Boyce, whose property abuts the Valley Road PC, spoke on agenda item 9, referring to the December site meeting which she had attended with Council members and to suggestions she had made regarding the bank behind the block, and hoping to work with the Council in developing the upgrade proposals.

  1. Proposed by Cllr. Shephard, Seconded by Cllr. Williams that the minutes of the meeting held on 17 December 2020 be accepted. Carried.
  1. The Clerk reported that:
  • Cormac had arranged a virtual meeting to discuss their proposal to install railings at Portmellon Cove, but they wanted to restrict numbers attending so he had cancelled it, making it clear that all interested parties should be free to attend;
  • He has received a steady flow of emails from residents concerned at the road closure necessary for the proposed work on 15 Polkirt Hill.
  1. The Ward Member presented his report, including that:
  • Cornwall Council is now taking applications for its Additional Restrictions Grant to support businesses impacted by the lockdown which began on 5 January. This goes along with previous national and local grants that the council has been administering from government funding. Applications must be made by midnight 31 January 2021 and businesses will be contacted once a decision is made;
  • Cormac are continuing with the coast path improvements at Chapel Point;
  • Cormac will resurface the B3273 from London Apprentice to Tregiskey crossroads from 22 February until 19 March, with rolling road closures;
  • Dave Watkins, Cornwall Council’s Flood and Coastal Environment Lead, has proposed a work programme for the Mevagissey Rapid Response Catchment and will be bidding for funding from Defra’s Innovative Resilience Fund (IRF), for which a letter of support from the Parish Council has been requested.

The full report can be seen on the Council’s website.

6a.          Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Nathan that a letter of support for the IRF Bid be sent to Dr Watkins.


  1. To approve the monthly finances.
Bills to Pay Salaries £ 970.73
HMRC (PAYE) £ 242.60
Monthly subscription to Zoom (repaid to Clerk) £ 14.39
Parish phone top-up (repaid to Clerk) £ 10.00
West Wharf PC electricity 02/12/20 – 01/01/21 £ 24.21 (paid)
Valley Road PC electricity 02/12/20 – 01/01/21 £ 27.45 (paid)
Operate Valley Road PC January 2021 £ 905.34
Operate West Wharf PC January 2021 £ 941.50
Service glass recycling bank December 2020 £ 150.00
TOTAL £ 3,286.22
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 107,538.81
Expenditure last month £ 4,638.68
   plus West Wharf PC water 03/11/20 – 14/12/20 £ 128.12
Bank interest £ 2.66 Received
S W Water Watershare+ Benefit £ 20.00 Received
Available to spend £ 102,794.67
Bank Statements (01/01/2021)
Current Account £ 1,394.24
Deposit Account £ 101,400.43
TOTAL £ 102,794.67


Proposed by Cllr. Nathan, Seconded by Cllr. Gann that the accounts be accepted and the bills paid.                                Carried.

  1. Cllr. Morgan reported that the engineer who oversaw the installation of the Nare Court viewing platform had now retired, so she was pursuing other options. She will agree with Cllr. Gann the detailed specification for the required survey. She is also waiting for a reply from Cornwall Council regarding building regulations.                    Ongoing.
  1. Cllr. Facey presented the latest plans for the proposed refurbishment of the Valley Road toilet block, including cost estimates. Cllrs. Leiser and Morgan will investigate possible funding sources.  Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Shephard that the ‘toilet committee’ will talk to GCF about a basic refurbishment (up to £6,000) for this summer, while continuing to develop a longer term solution.                                                                                                Carried.
  1. Cllr. Gann said there was nothing to report this month on the proposed Community Land Trust Ongoing.
  1. Cllr. Whatty reported that the Carbon Audit had been received from Atlantic Energy. This was being considered by the Climate Emergency Working Group prior to its release.
  1. Cllr. Facey reported that the operation of the recycling banks was now running smoothly, and he would soon be affixing the information stickers procured last year,
  1. Cllr. Facey reported on progress in setting up a working group to explore longer term solutions for traffic congestion in Fore Street. He has been advised that the ‘Access Only’ option is unworkable.                                   Ongoing.
  1. Cllr. Gann reported on proposals to improve waste recycling and disposal for businesses. A cheaper supplier has been identified and will also be considered for the recycling banks for economies of scale.                         Ongoing.
  1. Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Williams that Cllr. Gann should create a Facebook group under terms of reference to be agreed, and that he should have delegated authority to decide and add content. Carried.
  1. Cllr. Whatty said there had been no progress in investigating the adoption of a beach management plan for Portmellon. Ongoing.
  1. It was agreed that no response was necessary to Cornwall Council’s Climate Emergency Development Plan Document Proposed draft, Renewable Energy & Sustainable Construction policies and evidence, although it was unclear how existing Neighbourhood Development Plans would be affected.
  1. Proposed by Cllr. Gann, Seconded by Cllr. Shephard that the Council should approve Cornwall Council’s Standards Committee’s proposed changes to the model Code of Conduct. Carried.
  1. Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Morgan that £500 be granted for the purchase of reading material for extra-curricular activities for the children of Mevagissey School. Carried.
  1. There are currently three casual vacancies on the Council, but no candidates have come forward.
  1. The Council completed a review of salary policy (in closed session).


  1. The meeting ended at 9.15pm. Date of next (non-planning) meeting: 18 February 2021 (virtual meeting unless advised otherwise).



Signed ……………………………………………………………………………..                 Dated ………………………………


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