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Mevagissey Parish Council Minutes – July 2020


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held as a virtual meeting

On Thursday 16 July 2020 at 7pm

Present:  Cllrs. M Roberts (Chairman), M Facey (Vice-Chairman), J Blackmore, J Gann, L Hereward, J Morgan,

                                H Nathan, K Robinson, G Shephard, P Simpson, J Whatty.

In Attendance:  Cllr. J Mustoe (Ward Member), Helen Nicholson (Community Link Officer), Alex Williams (Community Support Group Co-ordinator), Hugh Bowles (Chairman, Mevagissey Harbour Trustees), P Howson (Clerk).

                                There were no other members of the public present.

                         UNRATIFIED UNLESS SIGNED

  1. Apologies for absence had been received from Cllr. Florence.
  1. There were no Declarations of Interest or Gifts.
  1. Public participation.

Alex Williams presented her monthly report on the activities of the Community Support Group, copies of which will be displayed on the Council’s noticeboards.  Helen Nicholson said that from Cornwall Council’s point of view Alex and her volunteers were doing a fantastic job and she thanked them very much.

Hugh Bowles said that the Harbour Trustees were the oldest constituted body in the village and the harbour was the heart of the village.  Several hundred thousand pounds were required for essential harbour repairs and so income from parking was important.  The Trustees should therefore have been consulted prior to the deployment of signage designed to discourage motorists from entering the village centre.

  1. Proposed by Cllr. Gann, Seconded by Cllr. Robinson that the minutes of the meeting held on 18 June 2020 be accepted.                                                                                                                                                                               Carried.
  1. With the assistance of Helen Nicholson (Community Link Officer) the Council agreed the priority of proposals for the next phase of the Community Network Highways Scheme as follows:
    1. Junction improvements at the Tregiskey crossroads;
    2. Accessibility for emergency vehicles in Cliff Street;
    3. Pedestrian signage on Polkirt Hill;
    4. Junction improvements in Market Square;
    5. Obstructive parking in Lavorrick Orchards;
    6. Feasibility study for junction priority changes at Portmellon Cove.
  1. With the assistance of Helen Nicholson (Community Link Officer) the Council reviewed measures taken to facilitate the reopening of the village to visitors.

6a.          Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Hereward that a short public consultation should be carried out on whether to request a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order to make Fore Street and Polkirt Hill one way in a southerly direction during the hours of 10am-5pm every day until either the end of October or until the scaffolding at nos. 11-13 Polkirt Hill has been removed, whichever comes first, and that this option should be pursued if the consultation indicates a clear mandate; and that the possible use of traffic wardens in the village centre be investigated as a second choice solution.                                                                                                                                                                        Carried.

6b.          Proposed by Cllr. Morgan , Seconded by Cllr. Hereward that a small working group be formed with delegated decision-making power to review actions taken to influence vehicular and pedestrian movements in the village and to adapt and develop them as necessary; and that the group should be comprised initially of Cllrs. Gann, Morgan and Nathan, Hugh Bowles, Alex Williams, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.                                                      Carried.

(The group will have an initial meeting with Helen Nicholson on 21 July).

  1. The Clerk reported that:
  • At the Council’s request, Steve Double MP wrote to NHS England regarding the surgery and their reply was forwarded to members;
  • Natural England and the Cornwall AONB Partnership were written to regarding Longpoint (at Cllr. Simpson’s request).  The planning officer of Cornwall AONB Partnership replied that he has no role in matters of enforcement, being a non-statutory consultee, but that he will continue to watch progress here and will engage with CC if required.  Reply from NE awaited;
  • Cormac’s Environment Team had been contacted regarding the possible wilding of part of Pentillie field (Cllr. Whatty to provide more detail under agenda item 12);
  • Cornwall Hospice Care thanked the Council for last month’s grant;
  • The Mevagissey Museum Committee thanked the Council for the grant towards the school project;
  • A letter from Lostwithiel Town Council regarding visitors during the pandemic was received and circulated.  The letter proposed actions which were not in line with government advice and no action was taken;
  • Progress on PROW work by Cormac: FP9 works complete – dilapidated stile at Portmellon replaced with a kissing gate, the ladder stile further along has been replaced, and the redundant stile at the entrance to Scotland Woods has been removed.  Outstanding is the resurfacing of FP1 towards Heligan Mill which was delayed due to the contractor having furloughed staff, but this is now expected to complete by autumn;
  • PA20/02838 Highbury, 5 Higher Lavorrick, Mevagissey.  The Council responded to a 5-day protocol letter by standing by its objection and asking for it to be called in to committee, which the Ward Member has indicated he is happy to do.  (The case officer has asked the Council whether there are elements of the proposals on which it might compromise, but in the absence of a site visit this is not possible);
  • Regarding PA20/02210 (land adjacent 38 Kiln Close), the case officer’s report raised a number of further questions which have been put to him.  Reply awaited.  Meanwhile further plans have been received from the architect, but it is not possible to properly consider these without a site visit;
  • Notices regarding the two casual vacancies have been published.  If no election is called, they can be filled by co-option from 31 July;
  • Two road signs on Valley Road asking visitors to use car parks have been stolen.  The police have been notified;
  1. The Ward Member presented his report, including that:
  • He worked with our MP to obtain Cornwall Council’s agreement to the placement of wheelie bins in Kiers Carpark, and he thanked Biffa for delivering them within 24 hours;
  • The company responsible for the scaffolding at nos. 11-13 Polkirt Hill has not replied to requests for an expected date for its removal;
  • The Heligan Trail has been upgraded by Cormac as far as the electricity sub-station, and the bridge at that point will be upgraded in the next couple of weeks;
  • Cormac have carried out repairs to the steps and stairway to Polstreath beach and realigned the coast path above Colona Beach;
  • He has raised with the police the problems caused by jet skiers in the bay and has asked how this can be regulated better.

The full report can be seen on the Council’s website.

  1. Planning and Enforcement.

9a.          PA20/04346 : Demolition of structurally unsafe dwelling and construction of new dwelling on same footprint with juliet balcony to front elevation and dormer to rear roof slope.  15 Polkirt Hill Mevagissey PL26 6UR

Proposed by Cllr. Shephard, Seconded by Cllr. Gann that the Council objects to this proposal which is not in keeping with the setting or the surrounding buildings (eg the proposed front dormer window with juliet balcony, the material proposed for the finish).  The submitted plans are insufficient (eg the height of the proposed building is unclear) and inconsistent (eg the height of the rear dormer varies between elevations).  There is insufficient evidence to justify demolition rather than stabilisation and repair, and no assessment has been made of the impact on old and fragile neighbouring buildings of demolition and rebuild.  Finally, the Conservation Officer has not been consulted on this proposal within the Conservation Area.                                                                                                                      Carried.

9b.          PA20/04460 : Extensions to front, side and rear elevations.  28 Higher Lavorrick Mevagissey PL26 6TB

Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Gann that the Council would make no objection to this proposal if the oil tank was installed out of sight in the back garden rather than in the front garden.  The Council also wishes to draw attention to the cables and drains running through the property.                                                                                Carried.

9c.           To receive an update on planning enforcement cases.

  1. i) Property 1 at Portmellon. Enforcement case EN20/00602: investigation underway.
  2. ii) Property 2 at Portmellon. Further evidence to be submitted to planning enforcement.

iii)         Landscaping at properties on School Hill.  The letter to CC Chief Executive has been has been passed to the Economic Growth & Development Customer Relations Team for a response, which is awaited.

  1. iv) WC and boat storage at Portmellon car park. The landowner will be installing a temporary toilet pending resumption of the approved works.

9d.          The following planning decisions have been received (for information only):

PA20/03817 : Listed Building Consent for repairs to two small areas of flat roof.  The Gate House Chapel Point Lane                 Portmellon Mevagissey PL26 6PR                                                                                                                 APPROVED

PA20/02898 : Demolition of existing external steps for construction of hobby room extension with roof terrace and                 conservatory over. Alteration of rear roof plane for additional first floor internal space.  Trewartha Trevarth                 Mevagissey PL26 6RX                                                                                                                                      APPROVED

  1. To approve the monthly finances.
Bills to Pay Salaries £ 970.73
HMRC (PAYE) £ 242.60
West Wharf PC June waste collection (suspension of service) £ 13.49
Operate Valley Road PC July 2020 £ 905.34
Operate West Wharf PC July 2020 £ 1,058.00
Attendants at West Wharf PC 04/07/20 – 11/07/20 £ 387.50
Works at Valley Road PC prior to reopening £ 570.00
West Wharf PC water 02/06/20 – 25/06/20 £ 76.35 (paid)
Valley Road PC water 02/06/20 – 25/06/20 £ 13.28
Monthly subscription to Zoom (repaid to Clerk) £ 14.39
Repainting and hand gel for West Wharf PC £ 610.00 (paid)
Design of labels for waste bins £ 66.00 (paid)
COVID-19 signage for public conveniences £ 444.00 (paid)
Internal audit £ 50.00 (paid)
TOTAL £ 5,421.68
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 104,496.88
Expenditure last month £ 5,853.36
   plus Valley Road PC water 01/05/20 – 01/06/20 £ 15.98
            Materials for refurbishment of West Wharf PC £ 397.84
            Mevagissey Museum Society (grant) £ 200.00
            Cornwall Hospice Care (grant) £ 1,000.00
            Works at West Wharf PC £ 1,135.00
            Hand rub for public conveniences £ 1,253.75
            Social distancing pavement markings £ 185.00
            LMP (1st cut of inland footpaths) £ 368.21
LMP grant (2019) from Cornwall Council £ 721.97 Received
Bank interest £ 32.52 Received
Available to spend £ 94,842.23
Bank Statements (01/07/2020)
Current Account £ 342.31
Deposit Account £ 94,499.92
TOTAL £ 94,842.23


Proposed by Cllr. Hereward, Seconded by Cllr. Nathan that the accounts be accepted and the bills paid.        Carried.

  1. Cllr. Facey reported that both public toilet blocks were now fully open, with the entry charge at West Wharf increased to 50p. There had been a few minor breakages and petty thefts of consumables.  The permanent attendants were doing an excellent job enforcing social distancing and dealing with problems as they arose.  It was agreed that the Council’s formal thanks to Gary Farr and his team be recorded in the minutes.
  1. Cllr. Whatty reported that he and Megan Whatty representing the Climate Emergency Working Group, together with the Clerk, had met Ann Trevarton and Andrew Pidgen of the Cormac Environment Team to discuss the wilding of areas of the Pentillie field, and had then attended site during the cutting. It is hoped that the public will appreciate this.  Meanwhile the Group continues to work on the Climate Action Plan and Carbon Audit.
  1. Proposed by Cllr. Gann, Seconded by Cllr. Whatty that Standing Orders be suspended temporarily to allow the meeting to continue for longer than 3 hours.                                                                                                                 Carried.
  1. Proposed by Cllr. Gann, Seconded by Cllr. Whatty that a further letter be sent to Steve Double MP regarding the surgery.                                                                                                                                                                                 Carried.
  1. Cllr. Facey reported that the stretch of the road between Market Square and Kiers car park seemed to be turning into ‘a bit of a race track’. This will be monitored and may appear on a future agenda for action.
  1. Cllr. Morgan reported on the Council’s provision of rubbish bins around the harbour which were being decanted into larger bins in the village centre. The agreed process involving local businesses was working well, although there had been instances of people forcing the larger bins open to put their own rubbish directly into them.   The Chairman commended the work done by Cllr. Morgan and proposed a formal vote of thanks.
  1. The meeting ended at 10.10pm. Date of next meeting: 20 August 2020 (virtual meeting unless advised otherwise).


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