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Mevagissey Parish Council Minutes – September 2015


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Mevagissey Activity Centre

On Thursday 17th September 2015 at 7pm.


Present              Cllrs. M Roberts (Chairman), J Whatty, G Shephard, J Daniel, N Florence, D Speed, A Williams, S Hrydziuszka, J Morgan, M Facey, J Arthur.


In Attendance      Cllr. J Mustoe (CC), PCSO Tony Hemming, P Howson (Clerk), 3 members of the public,




Prior to the meeting the Council stood for one minute’s silence in remembrance of Esther Chesterfield who passed away earlier this week. The Chairman paid tribute to Esther, who had been a Parish Councillor since the 1980s and had always worked for the best interests of the village. The funeral will take place at 11am on Thursday 8th October at St Andrew’s.


1a.        Apologies received: Cllr. J Barron.


2a.        Declarations of interest.    None.                            2b.        Gift Declarations.             None.


  1. Police Report. PCSO Tony Hemming presented his report for the period 13th July to 15th September (2 month period) detailing a total of 6 reported crimes: 1 criminal damage to property (broken shop window), 2 criminal damage to vehicle (both on Cliff Street), 1 theft of bicycle (returned after the owner started a Facebook campaign), 1 burglary (at a hotel), 1 dog not under control, 1 non-crime domestic. PCSO Hemming also confirmed that PC Ken Dunn, our beat officer, had resigned from the force. A decision on if and when a replacement is to be appointed is awaited. Meanwhile the beat officer for St Austell will provide support as necessary and the response officers will continue to attend when required.


  1. Dog Control Enforcement Report. Report for the period August 18th to September 16th received: “The order has continued to work well with only four warnings and no prosecutions. I have had two complaints concerning Sunday 14th September when I was not at home , apparently there were 6 dogs running wild and barking on the beach causing a lot of noise and disturbance to the immediate area. One complaint came from a customer sat outside the Rising Sun trying to enjoy a quiet drink !! Unfortunately I have no idea who the owners of the dogs were. David Palk”.


  1. Points from the Public. Mr Cowell spoke regarding Item 10a and said that all the trees on the site were under Tree Protection Orders; and that the new northern entrance was being used as a road and was therefore dangerous; and that a corner of the site shown on one of the plans was actually in the ownership of Mr Cowell’s family.


  1. Minutes of last meeting.

Proposed by Cllr. Hrydziuszka, Seconded by Cllr. Speed that the Minutes of the meeting held on 20th August 2015 be Accepted.                                                                                                                               Carried.


  1. Actions from previous meeting:


    • 2015/07/15: the Council’s insurance company have confirmed that their quoted premium for the public toilets includes cover for malicious damage and vandalism.
    • 2015/08/09(1): two quotes received for painting memorial railings. See item 15 below.
    • 2015/08/09(2): the Harbour Board has agreed to reinstate the sign at Portmellon regarding water activities between Penare Point and Chapel Point, and Mr Bulkeley has been asked to contact the harbour office to progress his request.
    • Update received from Planning Enforcement on the ‘untidy sites’ initiative: ‘I am due to conduct a follow up site visit to check for compliance following agreement from the various owners of the properties to carry out the works on a voluntary basis.  However if the works have not been completed at this stage as agreed, I will proceed with formal action where expedient which will require the works to be carried out under Section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.   With respect to Tall Trees the appointed planning agent is still progressing matters in liaison with the planning department and various specialist consultants at this stage, in view to preparing/finalising a suitable scheme for the site for submission in due course which will be open to public consultation.
    • Cllr. Roberts said that following a report in the Cornish Guardian, Ocean Housing had agreed to a site meeting at Wesley Court, where the boundary issues between Ocean and Cornwall Council (CC) were resolved.



  1. Ward Member’s report.
  • Mustoe opened by paying his respects to the memory of Ether Chesterfield, without whom the Parish was a poorer place;
    • Following CC’s ‘It’s Your Convenience’ initiative, whereby 376 tender packs had been issued to private businesses to bid for the operation of public toilets, just 5 of which had elicited successful replies, Cllr. Mustoe had laid down a motion, with cross-party support, for CC to reconsider their previous decision to stop funding public toilets. The outcome will not be known until early next year following agreement of the budget;
    • Cllr. Mustoe has written to the Chief Constable to make the case for an early replacement for the departed PC Dunn;
    • Cllr. Mustoe met Rachel Taitlow, Highways Manager, to follow up some of the points raised during the meeting with Ocean Housing (see above);
    • Cllr. Mustoe confirmed that there was no funding for painting yellow lines, but that new requirements would be added to a ‘waiting list’.


  1. Correspondence received.
    • Request for support from Cruse Bereavement Care Cornwall. See Item 16 below;
    • Email from ADi Access, a Cornish company who have produced an aid to assist blind and visually impaired people to use disabled toilet facilities. See item 17 below.
    • Notification from CC of details for the Waste Incentive Neighbourhood Scheme (WINS).             Noted.
    • Letter from Steve Double MP regarding Business Rates for public toilets.                                 Noted.
    • Letter from David Hearn asking for extended yellow lines on Tregoney Hill. Cllr. Mustoe to add this to the list of requirements.


  1. Planning.


10a.      PA15/07833 : Construction of 1 dwelling and 5 flats and associated works. Land North East Of Ava House Ava Mevagissey Cornwall.

Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Florence that the northern access to the site is dangerous, being adjacent to the fire station and also to the entrance to the recreation ground; that the Council supports the Forestry Officer’s findings; and that until these issues are addressed the Council Objects to the application.                                  Carried.


10b.      PA15/06704 : Retrospective application for Listed building consent for works carried out in January 2009: Replacement of leaking door (access door to top garden) and January 2012: Replacement of 5 windows and french doors. 4 Myrtle Court Polkirt Hill Mevagissey St Austell Cornwall PL26 6UT.

Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Shephard that the Council is content to abide by the recommendations of the Historic Environment Team.                                                                                                  Carried.


10c.      PA15/05568 : Extension to garage with living room over plus conservatory. Wingletang Tregoney Hill Mevagissey St Austell Cornwall PL26 6RF.   REVISED PLANS.

Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Daniel that the Council Supports the proposal.                     Carried.


10d.      PA15/02529/PREAPP : Pre-application advice for removal of condition 2 of C2/07/01571 to allow permanent residential occupation of Unit 8 only. Treloen Holiday Apartments Polkirt Hill Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6UX.

Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Daniel that the Council would not support this proposal should it proceed to full application.                                                                                                                   Carried.


The following planning decisions have been published (included for information only):


10e.      PA15/04047 : Extension to the existing portal framed shed at the Boatyard, Portmellon.                         APPROVED

10f.       PA15/06209 : Extension. Kittiwake Bodrugan Hill Portmellon.                                             APPROVED

10g.      PA15/06183 : Harbour House Gurnard’s Quay Mevagissey.                                                     REFUSED

10h.      PA15/07879 : Submission to discharge condition 3 of PA14/00437. 31 Portmellon Park                        DISCHARGED

10i.       PA15/06577 : Construction of patio and erection of summer house. Longpoint Chapel Point Lane.           WITHDRAWN


10j.       It was agreed that Cllrs. M Roberts, J Morgan, S Hrydziuszka, D Speed and A Williams would attend the Planning Conference at Wadebridge on 28th October and would notify the Clerk of their workshop preferences by the weekend.


10k.      The Chairman commended Cllr. Shephard’s recent presentation on good architecture at the St Austell council offices, where attendees included a Senior Planning Officer and the Portfolio Holder for Planning and which engendered much discussion.

10l.       A party of Councillors met on site recently with the owner of 59 Polkirt Hill. Demolition is expected to start in November and the Construction Traffic Management Plan is awaited.


  1. Finances


Bills to Pay Salaries £ 647.17
HMRC (Income Tax & NIC) £ 207.87
Postage £ 7.56
TOTAL £ 862.60
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 28,046.22
Expenditure last month £ 1,738.87
Balance (money in bank) £ 27,628.85
Unpresented cheques (101189, 93, 95, 96) £ 1,321.50
Available to spend £ 26,307.35
Bank Statements (01/09/2015):
Current Account £ 1,796.98
Deposit Account £ 25,831.87
TOTAL £ 27,628.85


Proposed by Cllr. Arthur, Seconded by Cllr. Hrydziuszka that the accounts be accepted and the bills paid. Carried.


  1. To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). Cllr Shephard reported that the draft NDP would be posted on the Parish Council website on 8th October, and a major public consultation event would be staged at St Andrew’s Hall over the weekend of 17th-18th October between 10.30am and 3.30pm.


  1. To receive an update on funding for public toilets. A further sum of £450 was received during the month from the following local businesses: World of Model Railways, Harbour View, Pasty Presto.   Cllr. Facey is meeting Jon James (CC) next week to discuss funding allocation. Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Whatty that the Council commits in principle to funding at least one public toilet facility, subject to budgetary agreement. Carried.


  1. To receive an update on the forthcoming Post Office closure. The PO will remain open until at least November this year. The retail business targeted for taking over the service has now been sold and the new owner, who has run a PO previously, will be in negotiations with the PO. The new premises would not be ready for service before 16th January at the earliest.


  1. To consider quotations received for the repainting of the memorial railings.   Two quotations had been received. Prior to accepting one, the Clerk was asked to approach the provider of the lower quote and establish how much extra would be charged for applying a second gloss coat.


  1. To consider request for support from Cruse Bereavement Care Cornwall (2015 Appeal).

Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Morgan that a contribution of £100 be made in the names of Esther Chesterfield and Melville Mills, former Parish Councillors who had recently passed away.              Carried.


  1. To consider utilising an aid for blind and visually impaired people in the disabled toilet. The details were noted for consideration once the future of the public toilets has been established.


  1. To agree a date for the initial meeting of the Affordable Homes Committee. Cllr. Florence will draw up an agenda for a closed meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 6th October at the MAC.


  1. The meeting ended at 9.30pm.  Date of next meeting : 15th October 2015.






Signed ……………………………………………………………………………..         Dated ………………………………

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