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Roseland Defibrillator Project – Defibrillators Arrived

defibsarrivedDonations from individuals and organisations plus grants from Charities and Parish Councils have enabled the team leaders for the Roseland Defibrillator Project to purchase 15 defibrillator units and they have now been delivered. 

The boxes that enable to defibrillator units to go on the external walls around the Roseland will not arrive until February.  In the meantime, the team have approached the landlords of pubs on the Roseland, many of whom have agreed to take a unit temporarily. So far Tregony, Portloe, Ruanlanihorne, Philleigh and Gerrans pubs will all be locations for defibrillator units. 

Public access to these will be determined by pub opening hours, but they are more likely to be of use there in the mean time whilst the team await delivery of the external boxes.

If there are any other pubs or hotels that would like to house a defibrillator unit temporarily, the team have asked that the landlords/owners please contact them on the contact details below.

59 people have been trained to use the defibrillators across the Roseland. They have undergone the British Heart Foundation’s Heartstart Training programme that covers basic First Aid, so there may well be someone near you already trained.

However, the team have chosen this particular defibrillator unit because it can be used by almost anyone, with or without training, because it talks the user through each of the simple procedures required to undertake emergency defibrillation.

If you would like to be involved in this Community Project, would like to put your name down for training or just want more information, you can contact the Simone Kennett on simonekennett@icloud.com or phone her under 01872 580450.

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