Roseland Music Society – Larkspur Duo ~ Tin Travels

10 May 2024 at Gerrans Memorial Hall

Larkspur Duo. Tin Travels. Following the tin from where it was mined here in Cornwall to its far flung destinations with traditional music from around the world played by internationally renowned acoustic musicians Giles Lewin (fiddle) and Melissa Holding (accordion).

Tickets available on the door, under 19s free and half price tickets for adults accompanying young children.

Larkspur will present their new programme “Tin Travels”. Giles and Melissa are a classically trained violin and accordion duo, with a lifelong interest in musical traditions from around the world. “Tin Travels” tells the story of how tin from Cornwall was traded across the globe and where it ended up, sometimes in surprising places! Our music will also follow those journeys, with a love song from Lebanon, a circle dance from the Greek Islands, a haunting Chinese folk melody. Later, as Cornish mining declined, we will trace the emigrations of the miners themselves, in their quest to find a better life.

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