Roseland Surgeries Patients’ Group – November 2013

A busy September for the RSPG with free walking, singing, painting and craft activities taking place. See the Diary for further dates.  The newest activity is the Crafts and Board Games afternoon where for example, you can play Scrabble or try out knitting, weaving, patchwork or make some cards – or just have a chat and a cup of tea!

A reminder that you can become a virtual member of the RSPG and share your views with us or receive news.  Send an email to to get on the list.

We hope you saw the article in the West Briton on our defibrillator project – it seems we are not alone in trying to get these machines as the same thing is happening in Truro. The current bank balance for this project is now £6816. The bank has taken several anonymous donations from individuals and we thank you for those.  If you are thinking of donating, completing a Gift Aid form at Barclays, St Mawes enables us to add 20{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} to the value of your donation.

If we can raise sufficient money to buy 10 units in one go then we will get the price of a complete unit including the box down to £1,229.  A reduction that gives us one free unit in ten compared with the normal price.


  1. The Practice is offering NHS Health Checks to anyone aged over 40 who does not suffer from any chronic disease.  The Health Check will require a 30 minute appointment with a member of the nursing team.  As this initiative involves a significant number of patients the practice will be inviting patients to attend.  However, if you are anxious and wish to have a health check soon, please refer yourself.
  2. The rear entrance to the Surgery cannot be used as  a Patient Entrance for security and patient confidentiality issues,  as it would require walking past the Consulting Rooms.  However, if you require assistance accessing the surgery please don’t hesitate to let the reception staff know.

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