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Serious Out Failure on Roseland

393_BT_mainThe Roseland seems to be waking up to a serious broadband failure this morning after many reported faults last night. The Post Office in St Mawes is believed to be closed today due to the drop out and businesses like Roundhouse Barns are unable to take credit card payments from their customers.

Mark Sadler told Roseland Online, “We’ve been out since 5pm last night and it’s causing havoc with our payment system as people book out today.”

Mark contacted BT and they have said St Mawes may be on tonight, but the rest of the Roseland may not be until Monday.

Roseland Online has started a twitter campaign to urge BT to act quicker as businesses are being affected and thousands of lines without any connection is a catastrophe for the holiday industry.

If you know someone without internet, we urge you to retweet our post so BT react with urgency to this call. You’ll find the tweet here: https://twitter.com/RoselandOnline

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