St Just in Roseland Parish Council Minutes – March 2020

Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in the Millennium Rooms,
St Mawes on Monday 3rd February 2020. The meeting commenced at 7.00pm.

Councillors Present: R Giles (Chairman), H. Aston, A. Chantrill, P Farmiloe, R. Hall, B Sadler, P. Salter, P Teague, K Warren and C Williams.

Also present: H. Couch (Clerk), J.Masters (Assistant Clerk), Julian German CC and 6 members of the public

  1. To accept apologies for absence – Cllr Goldsmith
  2. Declaration of Interest:
  3. a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest – None declared
  4. b) Non-Registerable Interest – None declared
  5. c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – None declared
  6. d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda – None declared
  7. Open Period – Public Participation

Representation was made by the King Harry Ferry regarding the Cornwall Council Harbour Commission Order consultation. The consultation is due shortly and it was agreed to add this as a future agenda item, so that representation can be made. Cllr German reminded Councillors of the email sent that explained the reasons of Cornwall Council which will also be considered.

Representation was made by two residents regarding Victory in Europe on Bank Holiday Friday 8th May. A small committee has been formed and it is hoped that the Parish Council could help finance a part of the day. The Clerk was requested to attend a meeting if required to discuss any connection with the Parish Council.

The Garden Society in St Mawes has suggested that Magnolia’s are planted on the way into St Mawes but were unsure of the ownership of the land and the procedure. This is an item for discussion later, item 12 on the agenda.

The Chairman of the St Mawes Recreational Ground asked a question regarding Tree Preservation Orders which was answered by Cllr German.

  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 6th January 2020.

The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands by those who had attended the said meeting, that the minutes of the 6th January 2020 meeting be approved. All in favour and they were duly signed by the Chairman.

Cllr Hall advised that he has inspected the conveyances relating to St Mawes Recreational Ground and gave his personal view. The Clerk updated that the Solicitors legal advice has still not been received but is being chased.

  1. Report from the Clerk (Appendix 1) – A verbal report was given; this report will be circulated to Councillors with minutes.
  2. Report from Cornwall Councillor – A verbal report was given, which included Cornwall Council’s continued fight for Fairer Funding, Waste Contract and the imminent change for Dogs on Beaches. It was reported that following a residents’ concern raised in October that new bollards will be positioned near a property in Trethewell. There will be a parking enforcement meeting with Cornwall Council set up for Gerrans Parish Council and our Council to discuss this issue.
  3. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees
  • Noted – Environment Meeting held on 13th January 2020
  • Noted – MRRVC Management Committee Meeting held on 8th January 2020
  • Cllr Williams – St Mawes Recreational Ground – Tree planting session planned for 2 days in March.

Sub Committee – After a discussion it was agreed that Cllr Chantrill could stand in for Cllr Goldmsith as a representative on the St Mawes Recreational Committee for the period of your current absence only.

  1. Correspondence (information only – Appendix 2) – Noted
  2. Planning (Appendix 3)
  3. a) Decisions of Planning Sub Committee for Applications
  • PA19/10639 – Bryher Barn St Just in Roseland – Detached Garage / Workshop and Garden Shed – No objection
  • PA19/09689 – St Mawes Allotment Society – Land Adj Sewage Works, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes -To erect storage sheds for use on allotment site with variation of condition 3 in respect of decision PA13/01976 – No objection
  • PA19/10551 – 22 Percuil View, St Mawes, TR2 5AU – Rear extension – No objection
  • PA19/10127 – Riviera Gardens, Riviera Lane, St Mawes TR2 5BG – Replacement dwelling with design that matches previously approved scheme for alterations and extensions (PA17/01453) with variation of condition 1 (plans approved) of decision PA19/04823 dated 15/08/2019 – Objection
  • PA19/10875 – Tregenna, Upper Castle Road St Mawes TR2 5BZ – Extension and remodelling of existing house and garage – No Objection
  • PA20/00156 – Seaview The Square St Mawes Truro – First floor balcony, window and door alterations to south elevation – No Objection


Decisions of Planning Sub Committee for Local Council Protocol Letters

  • PA19/09689 | To erect storage sheds for use on allotment site with variation of condition 3 in respect of decision PA13/01976 – Land Adj Sewage Works, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes, TR2 5BZ – Agree to Disagree was the majority vote.
  1. b) Decisions of the Planning Authority
  • PA19/08811 – Barn North East of Messack House, St Just In Roseland, TR2 5JL – Permission in Principle for conversion of a light industrial building into one dwelling – Granted
  • PA19/10083 – St Mawes Sailing Club – St Mawes Sailing Club, 1 – 2 The Quay, St Mawes – Use of existing flat roof to usable outside social area with porch and balustrade, removal of chimney stack and replacement of window – Approved
  • PA19/10771 – Lower Tregorland, Access To Lower Tregorland St Just In Roseland TR2 5JB – Non-material amendment for pitched roof to extension to be changed to crown roof with flat roof beside; pitched roofs to be finished in natural slate, flat roofs to be finished in lead with shaped wood roll joints to decision PA19/02634 dated 08.05.2019 (Demolition of existing single-storey extension to front of property and replacement with a single-storey extension and siting of a new septic tank) – Approved
  • PA19/08308 – Carricknath, Sea View Crescent, St Mawes TR2 5BW – Erection of two storey house and separate single storey garage/workshop to replace existing bungalow and annexe – Approved
  • PA19/10551 – 22 Percuil View, St Mawes, TR2 5AU – Rear extension – Approved
  • PA19/10264 – 12 Sea View Crescent, St Mawes – Provision for off road parking, porch and rear single storey extension – Approved
  • PA19/10639 – Bryher Barn, St Just in Roseland – Proposed Detached Garage / Workshop and Garden Shed – Approved
  1. c) Enforcement cases

It was agreed that an updated enforcement list was sent out with the minutes and that every case should state what stage it is currently on. Concern was raised regarding enforcement at Land South of Penrill as this has been ongoing for 18 months, Clerk to chase.

A discussion took place regarding the Lowen Meadow development and the Clerk updated that a new landscape plan would be submitted to Cornwall Council in due course.

  1. d) Residents request for support from Parish Council

Following a discussion Cllr Chantrill proposed the following statement for our minutes “The St Just in Roseland Parish Council is concerned that our adopted Neighbourhood Plan has not always been given due consideration and proper weight in planning issues.

A local resident, Mr Alan Macklin is seeking a legal ruling on the relative weight that should be accorded to the Neighbourhood Plan, the Cornwall Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework.

We look forward to the clarity we hope it will provide”.

Seconded Cllr Williams. All in favour.

  1. Accounts and Finance (Appendix 4)
  2. a) The Council was asked to approve the following payments:

The Bacs were approved                                                                      £   5,023.70

Payments for ratification                                                                        £      366.00

Direct Debits/Debit Card/ Standing Orders shown as paid in January       £ 13,797.10

Salaries for January                                                                               £   3,074.02

Income shown as received during January                                              £   6,619.78


Approval of the payments of accounts was proposed by Cllr Sadler and seconded by Cllr Giles. All in favour by a show of hands.  RESOLVED by the Council.

  1. b) The council noted the monthly Car Park income for January 2020
            Pay & Display Pay & Display Permits Permits Total
Monthly Cumulative Monthly   Cumulative   Cumulative
Jan 19 2,045.20 179,693.03 0.00 28,628.00 208,321.03
Jan 20 3,166.95 179,923.30 0.00 36,687.00 216,610.30
Jan 2020 comparable with 2019
Up 1,121.75 230.27 8,059.00 8,289.27

This includes £820.00 (gross) taken on card payments.

  1. c) None raised.
  2. Highways
  • SWW Encroachment, Upper Castle Drive. Cllr German agreed to work with Clerk to resolve this issue.
  • Clerk to contact St Mawes Sailing Club to give permission for use on the 16th August to celebrate their anniversary.
  • No objection was raised against the Cornish Ices trading on St Mawes Harbour, Clerk to respond accordingly and check that the St Mawes Pier and Harbour have been consulted.
  • Clerk updated that British Telecom have agreed to update and repair the Telephone Box, plus schedule a repaint.
  • Clerk updated that Cormac have agreed to repair the grass area at the top of Windmill Hill where vehicles were stored during the resurfacing work.
  • Bohella Road was discussed in detail and it was agreed that no current action was required but a site meeting could be organised with Highways if required for April/May, as the weather should be better; and an investigation could then be made. Cllr German to assist Clerk.
  • Hill Head is becoming in urgent need of repair.
  1. Environment
  • After discussion it was agreed to allow the St Mawes Art Group to plant a tree for their 75th Anniversary in the area opposite the Castle. Clerk to confirm arrangements.
  • After discussion Cllr Giles proposed “To continue with the current Weed Killing Contract and allow use of Glphyosate, as per quote” Seconded Cllr Salter. Voting – 8 For, 2 Abstentions. Clerk to contact contractor.
  • Assistant Clerk updated that a proposal has been received for an Electric Car Charging Unit and this would be taken to Finance Sub Committee for their perusal.
  • An update was provided, following a meeting regarding the recycling bins and the forthcoming Waste Contract changes. Questions have been asked to Cornwall Council and Clerk still awaiting answers.
  • The Clerk updated that she is still awaiting advice from our Solicitors regarding ownership. A meeting has taken place with the Chairman and Treasurer of the St Mawes Recreational Ground and it was reported they had met with Mitchell Developments and agreed that the Easement could be signed.

The Chairman of St Mawes Recreational Ground wished it to be recorded that he was unhappy with no correspondence being received at the beginning of negotiations regarding the easement.

After a discussion Cllr Chantrill proposed “St Just in Roseland Parish Council should await official documentation about the easement before signing and hold an extraordinary meeting if required” Seconded Cllr Sadler. All in favour.

  • A discussion took place regarding the planting of Magnolia’s on the entrance to St Mawes as per the open period request. It was agreed to write to Cllr Julian German and copy in the Parish Council, providing a map and suggestion which can then be investigated fully. A discussion took place regarding the type of trees and future maintenance, Cllr Williams agreed to help.
  1. VE Day

It was agreed to wait until a firm decision was made regarding what was needed from the Parish Council and that a Grant Application Form should be filled in.

  1. Any Other Urgent Business


  1. Next agenda item

King Harry Ferry – Harbour Revision Order Consultation

The next meeting will be held on Monday 2nd March 2020 at 7.00pm in the Millennium Rooms, St Mawes. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.30 pm

Signed as a true record……………………………………..Chairman Cllr. R Giles

Dated ……………………….

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