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St Mawes School Joins Multi-Academy Trust

As another busy academic term gets under way, St Mawes School begins 2017 as part of the Aspire Multi-Academy Trust, a successful and recognised educational charity that guides and supports 21 diverse primary school academies across Cornwall.

St Mawes School prides itself on delivering the very best education and learning experiences for its children.  However, as part of a dynamic and forward-thinking bigger family, the school will be able to provide an even greater depth of opportunity for both staff and children alike.  Pupils will be involved in Aspire events throughout the year, both sporting and curriculum-based, whilst staff will benefit from sharing best practice with their Aspire colleagues and honing skills via the Trust’s broad training programme.

The practical ‘business’ benefits of being part of an academy family were a key reason for St Mawes joining Aspire.  By employing experts in buildings, finance, compliance, personnel, IT and health and safety, the Aspire Trust seeks to remove the bureaucratic and compliance related duties away from school leaders and teaching staff, allowing individual schools to focus on teaching and improving opportunity for the children.

Converting to an academy does not bring with it change for change sake, rather change for the better.  St Mawes School is an integral part of the local community and has a distinct identity which will remain intact.  All academies within the Aspire Multi-Academy Trust champion their individuality and it is this diversity, and the learning opportunities that this brings, which makes being part of this new family truly exciting.

Sharing a common goal is at the heart of any successful partnership and St Mawes School is confident that its decision to join Aspire is the right one.  Head Karen Middlemore commented “We are all very excited about being part of a widely recognised Cornish Trust that will safeguard our determination to ensure every child at St Mawes excels both academically, socially and emotionally.”

Speaking to Roseland Online Chair of Governors, Miles Carden, concluded “The Aspire Multi-Academy Trust is determined to raise standards of educational achievement to the very highest level and that is our aim as well.  The decision to convert was based on making St Mawes School better for our children and I am confident that being part of the Aspire family will ensure a bright future for all.  I believe the future of our school within our community has been secured by joining Aspire. These are very exciting times.”

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