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Superfast Broadband Petition Group for Roseland

27.01.12: A small group of people working with Roseland Online is putting together a bid to get Superfast Broadband to the Roseland before its expected arrival of 2014. The group is initially asking interested residents and businesses to proclaim their interest in the initiative by sending an emailto us via Roseland Online editor, Mark David Hatwood; mark@Roseland-Online.co.uk

Mark said, “At this stage all we’re asking interested parties to do is let us know they would support the initiative. This won’t mean they have to buy it once it’s here, just that they would like their name to be added to the petition to get it brought to the Roseland sooner than expected.”

Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband can deliver speeds between 40Mbps – 100Mbps which is massively higher than the maximum of 8Mbps only a few of us enjoy. The majority here see somewhere around 2-4Mbps, so the increase would be huge.

Mark added, “I sent out an email this evening and within seconds had 30 replies, so this is certainly of interest to residents and businesses. so I’m hopeful that if we can increase this by tenfold, then the people who make the decisions would certainly take notice of our desires. Chasewater were one of the first because they did exactly this, so with everyone’s help, we can make this happen… or at least give it a good try!”

For more information about Superfast Broadband Cornwall, you can visit the website under: www.superfastcornwall.org.

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