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The Closet

Starring Daniel Auteuil, Gerard Depardieu & Thierry Lhermitte, Directed by Francis Veber.

Francois Pignon (Auteuil) is a dull, divorced accountant in a French rubber-processing factory whose primary product is condoms. The morning of the company photograph he overhears he is going to be fired. After half-heartedly trying to kill himself, he meets his new next-door neighbour who suggests a plot that will keep him from losing his job: he should pretend he’s gay, and the neighbour will doctor the photographs and send them to his boss to prove it.

After the magnificent Le Diner de Cons, I was quite looking forward to seeing this little puppy. Although it didn’t quite hit the hights of that great film (also starring Francis Veber in a similar role) it was a nice film despite the slow start. OK, Depardieu character did get a little absurd towards the end, but overall it was a nice film and certianly one to absorb yourself on a winter’s evening.

Verdict: Steady and reliable French Fayre with its fair share of laughs. ***

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