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Veryan Wind Turbine Plans Cause Controversy

Roseland Online has received an inordinate amount of emails over the past 24 hours regarding the plans for a wind turbine in Veryan.

Cornwall Council has received pre-planning application for a wind turbine at Calendra in Veryan which, residents fear, could spoil the landscape if given the go ahead to build the 500kw tower which has a wing span of 54 meters.

There are currently six objections posted on Cornwall Council’s planning website, mostly aimed at the visual impact due to the area being one of outstanding natural beauty (AOB).

Ms Jane Turnbull commented, “The proposed monstrous wind turbine will destroy the whole nature of the Roseland – for its residents and its visitors. Ongoing international research is overwhelming in its findings that individual on-shore wind turbines are damaging to the infrastructure of the sites.”

Other comments include Mr Stephen Dexter’s: “Hundreds of businesses and therefore thousands of local residents’ incomes are dependent on the Roseland’s beautiful unspoilt landscape to attract visitors. This landscape would be completely disfigured by a huge 500kw turbine.’

Mr Haydn Treneary “Whilst I agree that wind turbines are a good idea, I think that the large size and scale of the proposed turbine would have negative effects on the local area and tourist economy.”

Mr Brian Perman: “Turbine arms on a mast of this size would create the threat of noise pollution for house holders in Veryan Green and also threaten doom for some of the thousands of migratory birds that traverse the Roseland twice each year.”

The pre-planning determination deadline is Wednesday November 14th, so those who wish to make a comment for or against the proposal, or read more about the application, can visit the council’s website by clicking here. Before commenting you’ll need to register using your name, email and postal address.

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