It’s true; all brides are beautiful. But working on the premise that many brides don’t believe that they are, let’s see what we can do to make you FEEL more beautiful. Here are some very important guidelines brides can follow to ensure they are confident and radiant on their wedding day.

When it comes to hair and makeup, it’s not practical for bridal parties travel to a salon on the wedding day. Find a relaxed and private setting like your hotel or bridal suite at the venue and ask your makeup artist to come to you. It will take a lot of pressure off your day and eliminate drive-times and directions and be a relaxing start to your wedding day.

If you have a big bridal party with a range of hair types, preferences and personalities, it would be better to use a hair and makeup artists with who specialises in weddings rather than a friend or your own local make-up artist. Professionals are expert at meeting harsh deadlines, catering for a wide variety of tastes, and keeping groups of women relaxed on such important occasions.


A good make-up artist gets a sense for what the bride-to-be looks like on an everyday basis; the look her husband-to-be fell in love with. They’ll then work with that to provide something special, but still reflect her personality. The last thing you need is to look unnatural and over made-up so remember that your groom likes the way you look.

A full hair and makeup trial with your chosen artists prior to the wedding is highly advisable. A good make-up artist will ask you to arrive at the trial with your hair and makeup as you normally wear it. This will allow them to see your comfort level with products; a very important part of understanding what look you’ll love and blending that with what will look good on camera.

If you have flower girls, why not let them into the fun of primping on the wedding day, too. Flower girls should always have their hair styled last, after they’re fully dressed and have eaten as even the most patient child can get restless if they’re waiting around for hours or are hungry.

A last tip – especially here in Cornwall – is to wear sunscreen on all parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun on the day. The last things you need are tan lines or sunburns in all your wedding photos, and this applies grooms too!

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