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Book Review – December 2013 – Sallie Eden

Christmas Yves by Nicola May

Published as an ebook, available via Amazon and kobo, November 2013

046 Christmas Yves cover November2013#1.inddAs regular readers of my reviews will know, I’m not a fan of romance (in stories, not in real life, obviously), however Nicola adds a bit of “bite” to her stories to stop them falling into the usual saccharin trap. And I quote: “I hope Santa falls down the chimney and squashes you both to death”. Good gracious!

I liked the extracts from Henry Van Dyke – for once, the inclusion of quotations really worked, so in the spirit of the book and the upcoming festive season of loving and giving, here’s one of my favourites…. “There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament”.

Verdict: Fancy some sauce with your Christmas pudding? This novella might fit the bill! Just the right length for a post Christmas lunch read.

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