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Book Review – May 2014 – Sallie Eden

the Rev. diaries by The Reverend Adam Smallbone (assisted by Jon Canter and Tom Hollander) – Published March 2014, Michael Joseph

RevdiariesTimed to coincide with the new season of the award winning sitcom ‘Rev’, this is the diary of the Rev Adam Smallbone of St Saviours church, London. In his own words “an unknown soldier in the service of The Lord, well up for salted caramels and Riesling.”

Some publishers are more generous than others when it comes to providing review copies of books so, by way of a thank you, I’m going to quote from the Penguin press release “the content of this book is excellent, of high quality and laugh-out-loud funny”.

I don’t watch much TV (too busy reading) but I did like Rev. Tom Hollander’s performance was masterly, so it was a foregone conclusion that I’d enjoy the book. Caution: given the ‘adult’ nature of some of the humour, the diaries probably won’t suit the more pious fans of the TV series.

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