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Book Review – October 2016 – Sallie Eden

nigelmillnerA Door Marked Hawker by Nigel Milliner – Published by The Book Guild, 2016

Written by a local author and set on the Roseland (the photo on the cover gives it away), this is the story of Dorgy Pascoe who lives a solitary life in one of six almshouses.

He has few friends and his neighbours know little of his past, so when the Vivisection Action Group attacks the place where he lives, no-one can understand why. From that initial attack, matters escalate and when Dorgy is found dead, Jack Mitchell steps in to act as executor of his estate. Jack is one of the few people in whom Dorgy has confided, but do others know his secret too?

When no Will is found and potential beneficiaries appear, Jack realises there’s more to Dorgy’s past than meets the eye and maybe others are in danger too.

Alongside that mystery is another thread – an outstanding description of the impact of mental illness – which makes for an intriguing contrast between Jack’s professional and private life, producing a story that’s just a little bit different.

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