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Book Review – September 2020 – Sallie Eden



The Other Girl by CD Major

Published by Thomas & Mercer, 2020

It’s 1942 in New Zealand and 20 year old Edith has been locked in Seacliff Lunatic Asylum for 15 years.

Edith is schizophrenic. Or is she? Even before her parents had left her in the care of Dr Malone, everyone thought she was strange. Now they know she’s insane, What other explanation could there be?

But maybe Edith was telling the truth when she said she used to be someone else. Dr Harris isn’t sure and he’s determined to find out more. He’s never taken a stand about anything before, but this time he has someone worth saving.

The writer deserves every bit of praise she has received, not only for producing such a painfully realistic and devastatingly atmospheric story, but for shining a light on the inhuman treatment of mental illness that continued long after the period outlined in this book.

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