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Book Review – September 2020 – Sallie Eden

Death in Dulwich by Alice Castle 

Published by Crooked Cat books 
In these unusual and unsettling times, there’s something rather reassuring about a cosy, domestic, murder mystery. Of course, within that genre there’s plenty of choice, so why this one (which is a couple of years old)?

Three reasons: I know the area very well; the book was recommended by a friend and, unfortunately, at the time of writing when I was looking for something to read, review copies of books which I normally receive from publishers had all but dried up whilst warehouses and printers remain closed.

Beth is a young widow living in South East London with her son. At the start of the book she has just been offered a job as assistant archivist at a prestigious local school. Wouldn’t you know it, on her first day her new boss is murdered.

Fearing she might be seen as a likely suspect, she follows the path of many a fictional amateur detective and decides to start her own investigation. Add in a handsome Detective and rather too many references to our heroine’s wayward fringe and you have the makings of a predictable, easy read.

This was one of those not very taxing, pleasant enough books you enjoy at the time but hardly remember a week later. That said, I might tackle the rest of the books in the series. Homicide in Herne Hill anyone?


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