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Book Review – The Killing Handbook: Forbrydelsen Forever! by Emma Kennedy

As the blurb says, “if you’ve been experiencing an inexplicable longing for rain, long dark nights, and an overwhelming urge to pull on a slightly itchy looking jumper then you have Forbrydelsen Fever”.

Everything you ever wanted to know (and more*) about The Killing; for example, how Sarah gets “those” facial expressions and why she’s happy to chew gum throughout each episode. From plot holes to the fact that, despite only ever being seen in the half light, Brix refuses to confirm or deny whether he’s a vampire.

With an introduction by the actress who plays Sarah Lund, full of fascinating facts and trivia, this is definitely a must read for all fans of The Killing. The author is an obsessive fan and has produced an original, amusing and seriously bonkers book. Brilliant!

Verdict: When you’ve finished reading it you can even knit your own Sarah Lund doll, complete with trademark jumper. Hej Hej! *****

* Caution – plot spoilers for Series 1 and 2

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