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Book Reviews – February 2021 – Sallie Eden

Word Perfect (Etymological Entertainment for Every Day of the Year) by Susie Dent

Published by John Murray (Hachette), 2020

Written by the Countdown Dictionary Corner etymologist and described as a “linguistic almanac of unforgettable stories, fascinating facts, and surprising etymologies tied to every day of the year”, this book is much more amusing than it might sound. It certainly includes plenty of words which are likely to come in handy during these strange times, so get pandiculatung, think positive and respair (No, that’s not a typo).

There’s a word or phrase for every day of the year, together with the definition and information about the history and derivation. It’s a book to dip into and out of, perhaps whilst snaccidenting, a book for what I’d term word-nerds and for Scrabble enthusiasts and cruciverbalists. 

Just remember, before you tell your boss you’re suffering from “a touch of Dysania”, check they didn’t receive this book for Christmas.

Minus points for the 30 June entry: in Cornwall it’s JAM FIRST. I shall alert the author. 


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