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Children’s Coronation to Play at at Truro Cathedral

coronation re-enactmentFollowing the success of the St Mawes Children’s Coronations, for The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in 2002 and 2012, the Music Director of Truro Cathedral, Christopher Gray, and the Executive Committee of the Cathedral, have enthusiastically agreed to a re-enactment within the Cathedral to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the 1953 Queen’s Coronation. 

This event will be part of Truro Cathedral’s “Inspire Cornwall” Appeal, inspiring Cornwall through Nature, Education, Music & Art and Heritage. The precise anniversary of the original ceremony is Sunday 2nd June and the Children’s Coronation performance will replace Evensong at 4pm.

Organiser, Yvonne Fuller Told Roseland Online, “The invitation to perform was through Lady Mary Holborow.  She has been an enthusiastic supporter and came both the 2002 and 2012 Coronations and has now become our Patron. Said she would like to contact the Director of Music at the Cathedral to discuss [doing the performance in the cathedral] with the Dean.  Their response was really enthusiastic and we should be starting preliminary work with the schools fairly soon.”

The St Mawes production will form the core of this large scale re-enactment and the Cathedral has invited the children from St Mawes School and Roseland Community College once again to perform the principal roles. In addition, more children, from other schools in the Truro area, will be asked to join in.

Schools which frequently take part in activities at the Cathedral will work on the project with the Producer. They will learn about the ceremony and how to perform their roles and sing some of the music, and will be making props and costumes. Film students are to be invited to document the whole project. This Coronation ceremony will be on a very grand scale with a large congregation of participating children. More details will follow after work starts next year.

Meanwhile, the professionally filmed DVD of St Mawes’ Jubilee Celebrations, (by Andrew Ayre, AA Productions), which includes the 2012 Children’s Coronation, is on sale for £10 at various outlets in St Mawes – the Roseland Visitor Centre, St Mawes Post Office etc.  This is an ideal souvenir present, with all profits going to local good causes.

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