First Stage of Superfast Broadband 2nd Tranche Complete

The first stages of Superfast Cornwall’s 2nd Tranche of rollout is now complete. Home owners in these postcodes should now able able to order Super/Ultrafast broadband. In the main this will be a fibre to the premises (FTTP) solution which will have much faster speeds than traditional copper lines.

The postcodes that are now complete – mainly in Veryan and Portscatho – are:

TR2 5ER, TR2 5LH, TR2 5LL, TR2 5LN, TR2 5LR, TR2 5LS, TR2 5LW, TR2 5PE, TR2 5PF, TR2 5PG, TR2 5PJ, TR2 5PQ, TR2 5PR, TR2 5QJ, TR2 5QJ, TR2 5QP, TR2 5QU, TR2 5QX, TR2 5RA & TR2 5RB

Also added are postcodes: TR2 5NS, TR2 5NR, TR2 5LE, TR2 5LD, TR2 5NY

We will bring further information about more postcode rollouts as they become available over the coming months, most of which should be done before November.

To order your super/ultrafast connection, please visit your provider’s website and order the service or click here for more information on ordering FTTP .

NB: Please be aware, not all providers may offer a FTTP service so it may be you’ll have to change providers to get this service to your premises.

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    1. If you are currently getting over 15mbps there won’t be any priority to upgrade your connection further in this tranche.

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