Gardening Gardening 2020

Gardening – April 2020 – Helen Robins

It doesn’t seem appropriate to have a full-blown gardening column in these strange times so I hope you will indulge me a couple of novice haiku on the subject of gardening.  I have heard of so many people turning to the garden to grow their own food, and keep a modicum of sanity in their lives, I am frankly delighted. Every cloud… etc.

All I would say is, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, and how to resolve problems, don’t struggle alone, becoming dispirited. Phone a neighbour, email me, call, but don’t visit a friend. There is a mass of resources online if you have access and lots of people on the Roseland who have years of experience. Keep safe, stay at home.

Into the garden.

Look up, look down, smile widely.

Enjoy what you see.

Commune with what’s yours

Plant, sow, bring nature indoors.

This is always ours

Helen Robins

Calendra Collective

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