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Gerrans Parish Council Minutes – November 2013

Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the Meeting of Gerrans Parish Council

held on Tuesday 5th November 2013                                        

in  the Memorial Hall Annexe

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 3rd December at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe


Cllrs   Davis, Fletcher, German, Greenslade, Hatwood, Iddison, Morse, Symons,

Taffinder ( Chairman);  CC J German, S Skull (Clerk)

6 members of the public attended.





–  Cllr Case (illness)




– Cllr Taffinder declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in  planning application ref PA13/09681 (in item 13 on the agenda) as the application is submitted by her husband and herself.

– Cllrs Greenslade (family) and Hatwood (friendship) both declared non registerable interests in planning application ref PA13/09334 (in item 13 on the agenda).




A MoP complained about what she considered to be the poor state of tidiness of the streets and pathways in the village and said she thought the street cleaner should be allotted more hours. She further alluded to a drain blocked by leaves on Churchtown Road. Cllr Iddison said he agreed the drain needed clearing and the clerk was asked to write to Cornwall Council expressing the PC’s concern. Action clerk


Simone Kennett introduced herself as a representative of the Roseland Surgeries Patients Group, the organising body for the Roseland Defibrillator Project. She outlined the statistics which she said demonstrated the need for the local provision of defibrillators, and gave a demonstration of the practical procedure for operating one of the machines. She confirmed that free training will be made available for local people where the machines are provided. In response to a query from Cllr German she further confirmed that funding for two units has already been secured, and the Project is looking to fund a further three. Cllr Taffinder thanked Mrs Kennett for her presentation.




The Council accepted the draft minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 1st October  2013 as being a true record. The Chairman signed the minutes.





Cllr German said that the roadside brambles at Porthcurnick had still not been cut back. The clerk said he would follow this up again, and that all other footpath issues raised at the October meeting were being addressed by Cornwall Council. Action clerk




The correspondence not covered elsewhere in the agenda was reviewed and actions determined.


1.  Letter concerning the raised pavement area at Gerrans

(A letter from Mrs Brenda Counsell via Cllr Iddison)


Mrs Counsell drew the PC’s attention to an incident in which her car had burst a tyre in collision with the high kerb. She requested that the PC move to organise an improvement to the design of that whole section of pavement.





1. Car Parks Committee


The clerk read the minutes of the committee meeting on Monday 28th October at which 3 subjects were discussed:


a) Proposed works at New Road Car Park

– 5 quotes were considered for the resurfacing and repair works but all were beyond the means of the PC currently. The committee recommended a site meeting be held with a representative of the landlord, Cornwall Council, and a qualified engineer to discuss an alternative “make do and mend” approach to the resurfacing and further discuss the drainage options. This recommendation was passed unanimously and the clerk was asked to make the arrangements. Action clerk.


b) The lease at New Road Car Park

– the Committee recommended that no monies should be spent on improvements without a renegotiation of the lease which is due to expire in June 2016. A new lease of 10 – 15 years should be sought with a rental and commission structure which more realistically reflects the current revenue streams. An illustration of the committee’s proposals in this regard was produced and the PC voted unanimously to adopt the proposal and to seek a negotiation meeting with the landlord, at which the PC’s representatives should be Cllrs Taffinder, Fletcher and Greenslade. The clerk was asked to make the necessary arrangements. Action clerk.


c) Parking at Porthcurnick

– The Committee concluded that this was a historic problem but one which arises only during a few weeks of the year. The representative of the local Fire Service had confirmed that they had no problem with the situation, and the Committee therefore recommended that the PC take no further action in this regard. This was agreed unanimously.


2.  Toilets Committee


Cllr Hatwood said the committee had held an informal meeting to discuss financing options. He had shown 2 potential operators the premises and had received very positive feedback. He felt that an arrangement might be negotiated whereby public conveniences would still be provided at no cost to the PC. Cllr Greenslade enquired whether there was a legal requirement to provide separate male, female and disabled facilities and Cllrs Hatwood and Taffinder agreed this would have to be researched.


Cllr Fletcher enquired whether, if a profitable enterprise could be established, Cornwall Council would want to let the premises directly. CC J German confirmed that Cornwall Council would definitely not be interested, and Cllr  R German said he had Spoken to Neil Sargent of Smiths Gore who had mentioned  that in his experience CC had been supportive to other PC’s in similar projects.


Cllrs Fletcher proposed (seconded by Cllr Iddison) that Mr Sargent be invited to talk to the Committee on the subject. This was unanimously approved  and Cllr German volunteered to make the arrangements. Action Cllr German.


The clerk was asked to ensure this was an agenda item at the next meeting. Action clerk




The clerk reported that he had received emails from Enys Estate’s agent Chris Anderson and Tim Marsh of Cornwall Council’s Planning Department giving the latest update on the land maintenance situation with Devon and Cornwall Housing. Enys said they were dealing with DCH in their own way and still did not see the need for planning enforcement at this stage, and Mr Marsh had said in that case his department would not get involved.


There was general dissatisfaction with this state of affairs. Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Iddison) that the clerk should contact both parties to this effect and strongly to request again the involvement of Mr Marsh’s department. This was agreed unanimously. Action clerk


Cllr Greenslade further suggested that CC German might also try to bring some pressure to bear, and CC German agreed.




Jon Smith, Chairman of the Steering Group, presented an update on progress. Examples of “Questionnaire 2” (Q2) were passed around and the meeting was informed that distribution would begin the following week. He explained the background to Q2 and highlighted the free prize draw. Councillors were asked to support Q2 by completing their own questionnaires and encouraging family and friends to do likewise.


Cllr German suggested holding “drop in” sessions to help people complete their forms. Cllr Hatwood felt the Steering Group were missing a substantial pool of opinion by not putting Q2 online. Mr Smith replied that the process had been reviewed and approved by professional consultants, and that Q2 was not the end of the process.


Cllr Taffinder thanked Mr Smith for his report.





Cllr German said he still had doubts whether the PC had the legal authority to allocate charitable funds towards the purchase of defibrillator units. Cllr Davis said he had been in contact with the Charities Commission 2 months previously and had gained the impression there was no impediment to a small charity spending money in the interests of the Parish in this way.


After further discussion Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr Greenslade) that the PC provide funds from the Laura Gates Charity for I unit and from the Martin Baker Harris Charity for a further 2 units at a total cost of £3,750. On a recorded vote of the 9 councillors present, 8 were in favour and 1, Cllr German, was against. Proposal carried.




Cllr Taffinder invited suggestions for areas to be included on the next parking order.

It was suggested that the Gerrans Hill junction should be protected by double yellow lines in the interests of safety, and that the New Road double yellow lines be extended on both sides all the way down to the T junction. This latter suggestion was generally considered regrettable but necessary. The clerk was asked to keep these suggestions on record. Action clerk





The clerk was asked to seek quotes for the removal of the derelict units as soon as possible. Cllr Greenslade proposed (seconded by Cllr Iddison) that in the interests of speed the necessary expenditure could be authorised by the Finance Committee instead of the full PC at a monthly meeting. This was unanimously agreed. Action clerk






The PC had received 4 applications. These are outlined below and the PC’s comments were subsequently lodged under “Consultee Comments” in the Online Planning Register.


Application Description PC  Comment
PA13/08826 Link extension 22 North Parade Unanimous support
PA13/09383 Renovation and alterations at The Rectory, Gerrans Hill Unanimous support
PA13/09334 Extension and link at Methers Collyn Cottage 5 object (Inappropriate in scale and style); 2 abstain
PA13/09681 Replace Conservatory with Garden Room Extension at Curgurrell Farm Unanimous support


Cllrs Hatwood and Greenslade left the room during discussion of PA13/09334

Cllr Taffinder left the room during discussion of PA13/09681




PA13/07260  (majority objection by PC)     –  approved

PA13/07111  (unanimous support by PC)   –  approved

PA13/08151  (unanimous support by PC)   –  approved

PA13/07260  (majority support by PC)        –  approved




Nothing to report






It was resolved that the outstanding invoices in the total sum of £7,029.29 (including VAT of  £475.40) be paid. A schedule of these payments is available from the clerk.



The reconciled bank balance as at 25th October 2013 was £74,864.43



All payments were within budget as adjusted by minuted Council decisions.



Cllr Davis volunteered to serve on the Finance Committee in place of ex-Cllr Emmett, and this appointment was unanimously agreed.


Changes to the PC’s bank mandate were authorised by unanimous agreement : Ex- Cllrs Bill George and Howard Emmett to be removed and Cllrs Davis and Taffinder to be added as authorised signatories. Action clerk to arrange.




The clerk reported that the casual vacancy on the Council would be filled by co-option at the meeting on Tuesday 3rd December 2013.


Cllr Davis reported that the stile at the bottom of the cricket field needed a handrail. The clerk said he would investigate ownership. Action clerk.

Cllr German said he would email the footpaths department at CC.


Cllr Davis also drew attention to inadequate signage at the Parish’s car parks. It was agreed the Car Parks Committee would research this. Action Car Parks Committee


Cllr R German reported the long-term dilapidation of a boundary wall at No 6 Tregassick Road. The clerk was asked to liaise with CC J German on this. Action clerk

The meeting closed at 9.35 pm

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